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Of sixty nine after morning forties for much of southeast louisiana airport in kenner cloudy and seventy two and clouds and seventy four degrees in slidell i japan's of wwl first news here's wwl traffic from the wwe traffic center i'm patty burnham and we just got word of an accident on the north shore it's on i twelve eastbound just before the lacomb exit that's going to be heading toward slidell from covington it's in the left lane police and fire units just pulled up on the scene so they'll probably be getting it off to the shoulder soon so far it's causing minimal delays coming into the city from the east from slidell there's no delay on the twin span no problems at the high rise secondary delays are patchy at claiborne approaching the claiborne fly over bunny kerry spillway as looking good in both directions and when you get to kenner heading toward downtown you're going to experience that typical slowing between williams and power the offramp at south carrollton is still closed due to that earlier accident but congestion is minimal the river bound expressway seeing some sites slowing right around the arena that opens up after saint charles to the west bank and if you coming from the east bank to the west bank there's some patchy delays around general de gaulle traffic moves well on the crescent city connection but as you get onto the lake bound expressway it stop and go until after you pass the superdome traffic brought to you by the zurich classic enjoy great new orleans food from local restaurants right on the plus the excitement of watching the brightest golfers in the world now that's.

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