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Sort of known as this guy who eats and drinks weird things. It made him a brand. This almost sounds ridiculous, but is it fair to say that levis was more famous for eating a banana than he was for playing football? At that specific moment in time? Y'all, absolutely. I mean, I don't think you could even argue. And the interesting thing about that is I think a lot of that first story I wrote about him and that fall of 21 was focused on that. Like he was becoming this sensation in the story before this season about all of a sudden he's going into his second year at Kentucky as a people talking about him as a first round draft pick was wanting to distance himself a little bit from like, you know, I'm like, what are you going to eat next? Will, and he's like, I don't really want to be that, you know, let's let that die. We know that you put mayonnaise in your coffee. Shrimp. As well. I don't put mayonnaise in my coffee. Let's debunk that too. Let's put that to the spot. It was just a joke. Which I get. I mean, this is kind of the evolution of an athlete in 2023. You want all of that at first. And then I think especially guys who have been proven anything yet. Let me get everything I can get out of the NIL space, because who knows if I'll make it, right? I know that he has tremendous self belief. But he couldn't have had any reasonable expectation in the summer of 21 that he was going to be, you know, maybe a top ten pick in the NFL Draft. And so hey, let me get what I can get. As you wrote, he opened fall camp in 2021, third on Kentucky's depth chart. So it seemed like after being a backup a Penn State, he was really more of an afterthought at Kentucky as well, at least in the fans eyes, as you had said. How did he eventually rise up the depth chart and prove himself there? Yeah, I think it was just you come in week one and camp and it's funny because I do think the coaches knew certainly Liam Cohen the coordinator knew and what Cohen said was I wanted the team to come to me and say, what are you doing? This guy's so good. Like he needs to be our starting quarterback and not force that upon them. And it took one week. Wow. One week is the third string quarterback before one day Robinson, who went on to be a high draft pick star wide receiver at Kentucky that year with levis, Juan del Robinson and the other receivers in a week came to Cohen and Mark Seuss the head coach and said, okay, what are we doing here? We can all see what's happening. He's our guy. Let's go. He needs to be with the first team. And that's really all it was. I think it was that fast. One week of just seeing that talent and recognizing like, we haven't had a guy like that around here. Is there one clear breakout moment that you can pinpoint where it was clear that levis had arrived? Even when the season started interestingly, he started really slow that first year. I think for the first three games, he averaged like a 150 yards and 55% completion. It was new quarterback, new offensive coordinator. There was a lot of reasons for that. But then

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