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And and they're actually banned in Australia, Canada UK and Europe but the aiding them every single day here in the United States, and this is causing a lot of mental health problems so. It will be helpful for all of us to eat from nature as much as possible. That's Great I. Love that I didn't think of that before talking to you, but avoid the foods. The avoid is almost as important as the ones day. Yes definitely if we can focus on cutting those fruits out adding more of the fruits to eat, and that will heal our body, and what I love about this is that people who have suffered with things adding to pressure even for ten or twenty years. There's a lot of heart because chances are, you might be chemically. And I loved that a blood test can reveal that if you a lacking certain vitamins and minerals, it could be a simple fixed and I also realize anxiety and depression healing not can also be mental and spiritual and emotional, but having a strong immune system in having strong healthy body will help inhale. There's other aspects. Of all things together your mind body spirit together. All will help with that for sure. Yes scenarios much heart exactly so thank you for all this Leon. Is there any final things you want to leave us with? I just want to mention one study that I came across. That might help people suffering with gut issues, and that was the study revealed that people who have anxiety do in fact, have a different gut microbiome arm, so if that's the case eating this way will help heal your gut, which in this such a strong connection between the in the brain, and so that's another way that anxiety can be healed, and a lot of people feel crazy that they have anxiety you know. Why do I have this swire suffering so much, and it could just be you know needs to heal the gut and get those nutrients into. You'll start to feel better almost immediately. For sure like. Having that microbiome helps you absorb the right, even if you eat right if you don't absorb it, it doesn't help you, so that definitely will help their. Yes, yes, exactly! Right well, thank you so much. Liana great having you on, and it will definitely have you back when the book comes out, so take care..

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