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And now we're ago a few hours to go in new York's Times Square where a massive crowd is waiting for the ball to drop boxes Grinnell Scott is there live in better weather than we've had for this event in a while no rain snow freezing temperatures right colonel absolutely right Jane it's a very nice night weather wise it's bearable the in Times Square with temperatures expected to be in the mid to upper thirty at the midnight hour summer here experiencing the ball drop for the very first time Christina quiet Caskey is one of them coming from France she says she just loves this atmosphere weekend made a very kinds print friendly people and yeah it's very that you have you have two rates very long time but it's very amazing and we are very happy to be here she and about a million or so others are crowded in here waiting for the ball to drop in for twenty twenty and a new decade to officially begin J. thanks Kerr now crowded is right it is already new year's day in a rock with one hundred more marines now deployed in Baghdad to protect the U. S. embassy there after the worst attack on an embassy in recent memory running back Shia militiamen tried to breach the embassy compound a US Apache helicopter gunship drop flares what the military called a show of force a mob attempted to storm the US embassy after funerals for the twenty five a running back fighters killed in US airstrike Sunday in what US officials called retaliation for the death of the US contractor in a rocket attack last week which also wounded four American soldiers sponsors Lucas Tomlinson America is.

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