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Day's top stories and you this is the larry o'connor show i'm sure you saw that over at the red hand restaurant in lexington virginia we had a bit of a demonstration there a protrump demonstration where people of the community and the surrounding area decided yeah let's let's let this restaurant knows exactly how we feel about the way they treated sarah huckabee sanders and sent a bigger message about the fact that a no we will not be intimidated we're not going away well there was one arrest in that demonstration it involved it involved chicken poop and the mastermind behind that incident joins us now scott see of west virginia reached out to us here w a l and said hey larry i got a story to tell and so scott thanks for joining us yes sir it's my pleasure so so what exactly did you do with the it was a bucket of chicken poop yes i actually drove from west virginia set on the sidewalk across from the restaurant or a few minutes and listening to all the hatred that was dane spewed out from both sides towards each other and i decided enough was enough i had originally i didn't think anybody would be there to be honest with you it was raining a little bit i had hoped that nobody would be there i was gonna stick a win a message on the side of the window and dump it out on their stoops and then wait for the police to show up instead the police were already there were a bunch of protesters yeah so you didn't know that there was already planned protests scott you just yes sir okay yes sir and i didn't know that there was one going i had no clue that there was a protest going on here i got there none whatsoever so it changed my accent is just a little bit but i sat there per second you know probably about a minute and a half two minutes handed somebody mess wag and i held the bucket up an air walked out to the officer right in the middle of the intersection that was directing traffic i did it so that the cameras would be pointed at me so that nobody would try to shoot me thinking i was trying to fill acid or something like that on anybody okay so i wanted to make sure everybody knew what was going on in what i was there for a handed off mad stated my name and what i was born and that i was doing it because of the treatment of sarah sanders i never insulted anyone or threatened anyone on point not to let everyone know i was threatening no one calls no home this is your civil disobedience yeah and and you got arrested what were the charges by the way on the arrest conduct and littering literate yes and if there's any lawyers fertilizer littering yes it was watered down chicken soup so that it could be washed away easily there was a couple just draw come fresh out of my hand house and i wasn't going to retain and pull out the straw right ed you sounded like you were just asking for some legal help if anybody wants to help they're getting their holler i could use a conservative lawyer that is understanding i was trying to make a political point all right point was is you cannot stand there with this hypocrisy this double standard saying the metoo movement for women protecting a porn star from our president who there's no evidence that he did anything that he's accused of while kicking out sarah sanders just because seeing works for the president it's it's such a hypocrisy that it it's crazy you can't screen don't rip the davis avenue arms mothers while you're ripping them out of the wounds of mothers every day by the thousands you can't say don't don't separate children from their parents for breaking.

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