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If if if the three point two million dollar supercars hillary true blood we have a ramp four s what is it ninety nine no two two thousand two ran forth front will drives on all wheel drive as cloth interior but it has the ah as a leather inserts in it it's a nice it's a nice steady car power went manual seat what is it for ghani wira what does that thing sticker for and i know padania will take a little fun you know publicity they're not hurting our that's not really there is a smile iq we gotta get eyeballs on are on our product but and for them it's like fine we get to go pretend like we're driving a were thinking about buying a forgotten hey jamie four why don't you buy pacciani wira over one point force base and in any reasonable some talk ails you yeah once you just look at emerson backup to why don't you uh and what do you do for work i am a um more or less equal are signed assistance but i need more graphic design my that's my goal in life and who's your do you have a single friend you can hang with um i you know i honestly might just kick it with myself and i will housewife horner in sued that is more expensive than your humbled herbal with you order it in that and just sit there and watch backtoback the guy who's a out of town with grandma what food will he nadi like if you won't eat india and then i appeal ever go out india indian then now time for hour talking.

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