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Follow my face and own my power and one of the things that i have learned is that i need to accept myself good bad and the ugly olivet if i keep thinking that i'm not enough not going to trust myself and if i don't trust myself i won't be able to follow. My fierce is obsolete all interlinked and obviously than they are there. other things like reading being present. scrutiny your feet on the ground regular meditative practices. All of that can help you to stop for a moment and realized the fear that is keeping you paralyzed. Is that voice in your hand. It's not. You're one of the things i say might get out of your head and into your heart zinc down and thing know what you're feeling and saudi you in tuition is telling you and then follow that holding fear maybe put it place it on your shoulder idea that i've got to take the fans say hi okay. I know you're not gonna go away because it warned that. I'm strong enough to place it on my shoulder and now go sink down and follow my s and see whether takes you. I feel like i can relate to ignore never could face at the time but when i started my website blog and everything might do today a years ago. I didn't avenue. And i was going to get any money. Like just rock up at like different places in do then said like email. People night. I think muslim like are i was so fearless is just so driven on the wanted to get this message out about wellness Twenty two twenty three years old at the time. Cpr totally pushed by this in a feeling of like. I want to help people with food. While being the it carried me through so i i felt like i so relate to connecting with your on. That doesn't really allow those fish to sink way because unfortunately more cautious now. That i was then i think you need to be kind of bolted listed the beginning Yourself off the ground. I think that's beautiful. You know because. I think back madam in you know. I studied women's studies like twenty five years. Got no one did that. Ben and i remember getting sorry much negative feedback and people think of me and an ice look back now and i think how did i do that. How was i not scared. And i completely shrink just to to the me pods of me upset. He continued to conform. But i date fortunate. Pas like you describe and it's true and looking back that's kinda fierceness revealed. You don't maybe see it yourself at the time and that's a really important point around fear and this that's when we're in the middle of fia is actually often when our face nece is revered too but we don't see it in that moment it's often only afterwards that we realized. Wow okay. I mean that was scary but i did that and i go through it and so i'm definitely stronger than i think. And that is a powerful exercise to look back when moments of bravery adversity and realize what you took from them because then you can use to help you in those moments when you start to over know when like you said just now you sense like sometimes you have to than you were when you were twenty. I think it's more because in the moment when you're facing it you always female hesitant. It's looking back that it gives you a different perspective. What are some of the most common things that hold a spot from stepping into apolo. So i just talked about meets fate. We always a stronger than we think. So this is definitely one of the things that really holds you back from stepping into your power is believed that you're not going to be strong enough in just not going to be strong enough or not good enough or this question. Who do you think you all this noise in your head telling reason you you are. Why don't you think you could set up your own website. You at the age of twenty two really and what i say to myself on not to allow yourself to believe that you you know that your face that instinct of you in your case you want to set up this website because you want to start a message of wellness. There is a purpose that it's bigger venue that is about the greater benefit or wellbeing of sanity. So who are you not to former vat five. It's really like looking at the questions that you're asking ourselves and flipping them around so that's one media big one just in general the question of the worry that you're not good enough. That's all holding us back from japan and there's another one when we allow ourselves to shine and we actually step into power. We see that there will be people. Don't like it and they will actively try and make you back into your place and that's really scary because we don't like to make other people uncomfortable. I really believe that. I don't think any of us. Like said i think we would to one degree or another one to be liked. And so me one two please. So when we then sends that our power is making other people feel uncomfortable. There's this instinct Yourself and i graduate with this for a number of years as i was trying to naturally my power at the same time. I would see that people were uncomfortable with it. I would just with joe again. And so the second year ring effect until one day. I just sat down and say kay right. Do i really believe that. I need to give up my power in order to make other people comfortable and the unfunded came to his because if i flip it around i feel uncomfortable. Is someone else of power. I want to use that to stop and ask myself. What is it that they're are nick sniffing uncomfortable and most of the time the answer to that is that they inspire me in actual fact that they are showing me what it is like when you're fully allow your power and extra facts. My reaction is envy its desire. I one bag. I want to be one hundred percent to my power so that uncomfortableness can be propeller to action. Okay is what you want. do it do it. And that's what. I say to myself. Now when i fear the fear and i wanted to shrink because i see that people don't like it and makes them uncomfortable and the breath pod with the change. You wanna create because i wanted to inspire as many women in humans me to embrace and follow their fierce. That's my purpose. So if i do that for myself. That's the greatest can have. Let's really helpful. The reframing on the questions sure everyone listening can relate to them. Why do you think we always tell ourselves to not get enough because that seems to be like a common thread a common saying that we hear especially women. I'm sure many.

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