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With growth for the iowa us store coming in at only five percent and with that store being one hundred thirty five percent behind googleplay store sound like google plays the winner but you know how this goes when we turn from downloads to paid downloads the ios store mobs the floor with goals play thing apple continues to hold ninety five percent more money spent on apps according to the report even with the disparity in total downloads and that's a bigger lead than it had last year for the june quarter of 2016 the iowa saab store held a ninety percent lead over googleplay store in terms of money spent news of trump and apple two days in row though this news seems a bit more bankable bloomberg says white house officials including the president's daughter of vonk a trump have kicked off an outreach campaign the leaders and tank business education and local government quoting the report president donald trump's daughter on wednesday joined read court is the president's special assistant for technology and michigan gives on a conference call with politicians educators nc owes to discuss stam that's science technology engineering and math education according to to people with knowledge of the call there were said to be a couple of people on the call from the apple side those included the cupertino company's ceo tim cooke and laurine powell jobs widow of apple cofounder steve jobs and education activist in her own right others reportedly on the line included maryland houston ceo of lockheedmartin julie sweet ceo of accenture north america brad smith president of microsoft a so hutchinson governor of arkansas and representatives from the chechen sucker bergen this should've stanford mit and broward county florida schools.

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