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I don't know about the heat cycles on these tires they're not tremendously that much older on the to harvard cards and kabul because i like to speed that those two cars have i have a feeling barring another crash of something else this race is going to come down to a shootout between harvard can call bush but that's that's picking the low hanging fruit there those have been the two best cars all day long man patterson how do you see this thing ran winding up hits a huge jump on kevin harvick as the field goes back to turn one that will settle in right behind kyle busch to dogfight per bubble walls goes to the outside and takes the third spot away from ricky stenhouse harvick has got a fast car and he's going to get right to the bumper of kyle busch right now he gets to the bumper one separate purchase second harvard going after cowboys trying to let him get away one eighty two laps to go can kevin harvick track down kyle busch across the start finish line the differential is a single carly between busch and harvick heaven can't afford to let him get away a little stronger run into turn one for kyle busch gives him about a six betas harvard ucar legat threecar legs now cow bush gets out in front of kevin harvick about ten colleagues back to jamie mcmurray who's got bubba wallis right on his bumper race all four jamie mcmurray passed wallis midway down the backstretch to take over third wallace now getting pressure from eric jones behind jones it's ryan blaney closing in as well not surprising even with thirteen live pressure tires nobody has anything for kyle busch and kevin harvick is they continue to sail away spot down the backstretch to karlic separate burston second that's where the battle is kyle busch right out in front now off occurs jamie mcmurray trying to hold off eric and ryan blaney twenty more circuits to go it is kyle busch leading kevin harvick harbach will make a run at him hard into turn one took a little bit different line entering turn one trying to find some clean air traffic kyle busch so far that opportunity harvick stays right in the tire tracks akabusi one more time down the backstretch intern three everybody down on.

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