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A plane ice cream. i like vanilla. Only exception i make is my favorite ice cream. Flavor is maple walnut so obviously that has walnuts but otherwise. I'm just a an old school plane ice cream guy so just corcoran knife and some vanilla ice cream and you just go to town. That's right that's right. Open up a half gallon try. My heart is not to eat it all in one sitting. That's me. I love that. You don't love toppings but your favorite ice cream has a topping in it. Well it's maple walnut. It's got maple walnut within it but nothing on top like i would never put chocolate syrup on top of my maple walnut ice cream and maple and walnut is very natural ingredients. Because you like that kind of old fashioned flavors you remind me bombing food. It's a new england flavor. And i'm born in new england and i just love that is can. What's your favorite flavor. Everybody that's a good question. Good toscan cream. There's gonna be some we're gonna get some meant meant baskin robbins. Mint chocolate chip. No not okay. I thought we would. Kate is so right though. There's no older sounding ice cream and maple walk. There has to be though right. I'm raising macadamia raising raisins for jerry. Like a teenager going now. I'm getting the maple walnut. That's right everybody. The middle is where it's at stash. Oh killing lemon. Ice cream is something that only old people would eat. Whatever though right. That's another thing we talked about this a bunch. I call it sherbert. Even though i know that there is no that you're adding their billion sorbet sorbet. Those are two different things. Yes yes yes or bay. Shurmur are different. No not sorbet burt. Yeah exactly yes correct. You're saying them. No no i just a minute. God's favorite ice cream flavor. I like the cookies and cream from ben and jerry's so good as kate said anything that's a vehicle for orios or cookies and cream. I'm here for this as oreos and chocolate job. Delightful this is gonna be weird but my favorite is well. I like july more than i like ice cream. But my favorite gelato flavors like anything. That's like a mascarpone. Like dark cherry type thing like kinda like taste like a holy filling but in a lot of form. That's my favorite sounds good. I don't like cherries. that's my contribution. Chris cherries of things. I don out like stupid. Like blow pops. Cherry blow pulling anything with cherries. I don't like actual chair okay. Well how can you eat. Blowpipe haven't had one in years. But i just like i don't dislike cherry blow pops but i don't like anything like with cherries on top. I like to artificial cherry flavor on sherry starbucks. Get if somebody gave me like a speared cherry on a drink. Yuck i wouldn't eat nassar. Jackie medicine cherry versus black cherry. Good white cleaver no. No it is oh man. What is that a thing that we've talked about. I don't understand why white clauses san. I've never happened feeling pretty classes about it. Honestly because the best invention of the first century for me seltzer. Can we put that on. The paul white clause the greatest adventure in the twentieth century. It's crazy how many spin offs capitalistic white claw is about keeping your shape and your figure while you drink right like white clause like it's about how you can drink but still be super fit. It's not really what you want to be drinking. But it's the thing that fits into concentric circles of like it's not that many calories. It's not that many carbs at a really wanna be drinking it. But it's the best version of this terrible thing that i could different your white claw. And then you get on the peleton later as though sawyer. John does that roy. Has anyone ever done that. Maybe you do the peleton first. And then he drink whitecloud later. I think the health they treat for yourself. The health stuff is part of it. But it's also great outdoor drink like it's got cornered the market and i'm gonna be out drinking so this is chris. I know you love high. Noon's i saw you. Drinking one liners then neuner and numerous and whitecloud truly like they're all in same category of hard seltzer and like honest to god. Heard saulters have changed my life. Because i am someone who cannot and does not drink beer because i am allergic to it and so having something in a can form that is refreshing and has the same amount of alcohol so i don't have to have like a vodka soda or something that's going to me like really hammered off like one or two. I am a lightweight for what it's worth being able to drink something like a little bit lower. Ab refreshing on a hot day like that has my life while you're legit. A beard hurts. Dad has that make reveal. Had that hit you dad. When she said she's allergic to beer. I winced i winced I was. I was walking in her shoes. All of a sudden imagining how that would be. Yeah but it's more than that. You're allergic to jessica Well i avoid wheat. It makes me very sleepy tired. So i can't eat it anymore on fudge. Nah my feeling about why clauses that nothing tastes more like an artificial flavor than white clause. It feels like like the cherry flavor is like red number forty seven put inside of a white claw it doesn't taste anything like other flavors and its own thing and it just so artificial to me. I can't help but feel super judgmental. Avoid claw and. I don't wanna feel this way when i went to a wedding and all they had was wine or white cloth. What's that's weird. I like white. Yeah that can't be the only white claw or there's just something about it that you don't like at that wedding i had one i mean. I think it's flavored dependent. Is what have been old if i had a flavor. That wasn't good. I didn't find my flavor. Mango or black people. Say but i think i'm more rejected on the basis. That people often the people. I am seeing drink it. I think that they're drinking it because they don't like calories and saying nothing is you just. Everyone has their own reason. And i don't think they actually want to be drinking it. I think it is. It's like a it's like a capitalistic. I'm the i need to have the perfect body pursuit. no and i. I don't like that either. Your over figures. I just think it's trending and trendy things. Whitecloud became a thing and the no everyone drinks white claw and everyone has to profess to to like waclaw by the way in social settings. I have professed to like whitecloud. I hate it in for this. And i thought so. I thought that professing that you didn't like what was really the place to be so it seems like i'm on the wrong side show. Okay no so. I think so. You are someone who likes to be counterculture then because how just because you don't like why claw no because if you're saying like you're saying disliking white claw is the place to be like. I think that is against the common wisdom. Which is that you know. Every all the kids whitecloud like you just said you don't like white club you pretend to like well. Yeah i did. I pretend like club. Because i thought it was the popular stance. I feel like cages. Had to take and we're going to be honest. I mean. I don't like white claw and i say that i don't like whites law. That's my position on it. And i do think that like i do think my rationale for why i don't like it like i would like to be proven wrong on that because i do think that i see a lot of people drinking it. And i think that they're obsessed with their bodies like having perfection in their bodies like landed on the white cloth as the thing they can drink and still be a part of drinking culture. I don't think that you're wrong. Because i think like if your college age and you're drinking more than say like three four drinks at a time you're probably going to have a light beer and so white claws just the alternative to having light beer where it has in my opinion a little bit better flavor than like natty but like you're still not over you know the calorie intake is is comparable. It's probably like one hundred calories a can or something like that. So you're not drinking two thousand calories a day but you're still getting a buzz on. I think i think you're on. I do think until me if you think i'm wrong. I think that white claw as a brand is associated with pretense sort of like driving a land rover. Am i wrong. But i don't think it's a landrover. I think it's like a kia.

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