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What surprises me more about this is i think people have been predicting the ah the full of red it for many many years right this being more shit storms about read it i would argue in the last five or six years than than usual as they being facing this challenge between freedom of speech and cracking down on hate speech and and whatever else and i think a lot of people predicted that you know the eventually was in a reddit con exist oversee without is usbased like he was usbased decides to go elsewhere and as places like vote that really coal aung and digging years ago it just for me it said you know i just think it's interesting that the despite all the odds read it just seems to plough on and the notion to me of reddit as a as a public company is curie as not that because you know a lot of silicon valley where they actually earned their money is unclear red is question for you that your lunch enthusiastic may use us i read it tough times yeah i let ice every day you take no everyone who makes out a bandit from this sale what does ready i appealing due to improve my ready experience site abu show that we hoffa dozen people who now get you know seventy million dollars a pace well done and abuts reinvest as again he's the best we can out for the continues unchanged after ipo this is one another reason why minds it's an interesting after an ipo or one of the things that i think is interesting about this is i think of read it in a similar way to the way i think about craigslist so craigslist is deliberately i don't use craigslist astle but what i can tell craigslist is deliberately wanted to buck the normal things that are happening companies right it's it's retained its original look and feel it's it's very very much focused on walk craig once which is kind of different to what most people who run businesses one read its icy read it in a similar kind of ways that i would have expected read it to have gone the way dig where you know money was injected into it changes happened to the site that the community didn't like and therefore people moved on was read it has i mean in the six years the i've been on red it is barely changed.

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