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But perhaps from wealthy group with even closer ties to the region. The knights templar the crusades. The templars were at the height of their power. Some claim they were richer than kings. Or maybe even the pope himself the templars had a few different sources of income pious followers donated directly to the templars and they also got an incredible amount of money from new members. Many templar knights joined the order after working as soldier of fortune. Meaning they used to fight for whichever army hired and paid them the most when they took the oath to become a templer though these men gave all the money they earn to the order and they were exempt from taxes which also helped the group a massive fortune. The templars also had their own banking system which stretched across europe and the middle east meaning. A noble could deposit money that temblor castle in france where they'd receive a written receipt. Then they could exchange that receipt for cash when they arrived in say jerusalem they also charge people to make deposits and withdrawals much like a medieval atm fee a powerful brotherhood. That stretches across borders certainly sounds like an organisation capable of concealing treasures. But it doesn't necessarily mean they brought them to ren la- chateau shore but let's look at how the templars transported and guarded their treasures. We know that the templars headquarters were in jerusalem in a place called temple. Mount one of the holiest worship sites in the world. Allegedly this temple was where they housed priceless relics. Things like the holy grail and the shroud of turin. The fabric said to have ramped jesus's body after the crucifixion. Allegedly it was also home to the ark of the covenant. The chest containing the original ten commandments. These items would have needed to be protected at all costs. One of the biggest threats to this treasure came in eleven eighty seven c e when the sultan of egypt led a muslim army to take over jerusalem. Outnumbered the templars fled to the coastal city of auto. In modern day israel. It seems incredible to think. They escaped jerusalem with these treasures without being slaughtered unless they had secret underground tunnels well in two thousand nineteen. A national geographic documentary confirmed that the templars did have tunnels underneath the so-called treasure tower at arco in fact one of those tunnels extended from the fortress at arco to the city's port allowing for easy escape in the event of a raid from there. Some believe the templars treasures were taken to a fortress in paris but after king philip the force crackdown in thirteen. O seven c. They just vanished. We do know there was a rumor. Templar castle not far from reynolds shadow. It's possible that the templars doug similar tunnels and caves in the mountains around the village. These could connect the two locations in case of another raid. So maybe what. Sony found was a clue leading him. To the treasure's location. The problem is there's nothing in sewn years biography that points to a templer secret or treasure specifically in ren lucia tow. It seems more likely that this has been propagated by theorists who believe that because the items were last seen in france there must be a connection between them and the priest. I agree that the connection here is a little fan but the temblor castle wasn't the only stronghold near the village not far from russia. Toe is won't say gour a fortress that once belonged to the cath ours. This religious sect rejected catholicism in favor of more mystical beliefs. According to legend the catheters may have discovered their own source of incredible wealth one that sonar stumbled upon for himself alchemy science as we know it dictates the only way to transform one element into another is through nuclear reactions or radioactive decay but in the middle ages many people still sought a magic formula. That could turn lead into gold. It's extremely unlikely. But some theorists say there's a chance someone in history may have found a loophole to make alchemy work like a naturally occurring source of radiation. When the catholics attacked the catheters in twelve forty four ce some of them admitted under torture that they'd found a source for unlimited money. Many historians believe they were alluding to this chemical process. There were also rumors that the catheters escaped with quote treasures of their faith. Dr arthur gird him an expert on the cath ours suggest these might have included coded manuscripts containing the secret to alchemy. And if those documents were smuggled out of won't say gour they could have easily been taken to ren chateau about thirty miles away the visigoths the templars and the catheters are just three possible. Sources for sonia's wealth. All three groups were known to have wealth and artifacts and they all operated near ren lucia tow but as far as professional investigations go. There's only been one official hunt to validate sewn years discovery in two thousand and three. A team led by archaeologist. Robert eisenman used radar technology to scan the ground beneath a tour meg dolla the tower son year built at the height of his fortune. Their instruments did pick up an anomaly. One they theorized was a wooden trunk a year or two later. The town's mayor allowed a team to search for an excavate the anomaly however as soon as the team came close to the mysterious. The mayor insisted they stopped digging. Conspiracy theorists believe this was evidence of a cover up. They speculated that there was a box of some kind underneath the tour magdala possibly containing important documents and the mayor other didn't want to be found or secretly took it for himself when no one was looking. But we can't say for sure. The treasure theory may be clean explanation for sewn years wealth but not a single person has found evidence that he discovered something of value specifically from the catheters the visigoths or the templars and even if these groups did leave behind treasurer. I don't believe that a local priest was the one to stumble upon it hundreds of years later on a scale of one to ten with ten being the most believable. I'll get this theory. a three. If a visigoths tomb the ark of the covenant or the formula for gold were known to sonia. They probably be public by now. We live in the age of the internet. And there's money to be made from exhibiting these items but history is full of accidental discoveries. Still think it's possible that so near found some kind of treasure during his lifetime. There are reports that while renovating the church. Sonia family pot of gold coins shore. It's not as glamorous but it still counts. Which is why. Give this theory of four. But if there aren't holy relics and precious jewels buried under wren la- chateau then it doesn't quite make sense. Why his late housekeeper marie. Dnr no claim. The townspeople were walking on gold. Perhaps she was speaking metaphorically. Maybe the real treasure was valuable information coming up a secret. Organisation hides the truth about jesus. Christ hi it's carter from par cast and i'm hosting the new.

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