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Explosive device turned up in sea bright it's been described as being similar to a pipe bomb governor Murphy and his wife were supposed to attend today's parade in south Plainfield. as we monitor hurricane Dorian here in the ten ten wins newsroom today there's a sad update to the situation the Bahamas prime minister Hubert Minnis says at least five people have died in the Abaco islands it's being called a catastrophe hurricane Dorian levels parts of the Bahamas in advance of its arrival on or near the U. S. mainland Bahamian foreign minister Darren Henfield. one moment. meanwhile evacuations are now well under way along the east coast of Florida out of the storm still moving slowly and although it's weakened category four strength that is still very dangerous the national hurricane center says Dorian is expected to move dangerously close to the Florida east coast late tonight through Wednesday evening and then move north near coastal Georgia and South Carolina Wednesday night into Thursday wins news time five forty four. it's over ward's member appreciation month that'll Reilly auto parts where you can earn bonus points on more than two hundred fifty offers stop by your local o'reilly auto parts store today or browse through our offers and Reilly auto dot com for you could earn double points shopping online Reilly auto parts better parts better prices everyday. the satellite lounge presents. progressive box of a greater. let's dim the lights for this next one too much there it is gonna get things just right like progresses name your price tool tell us what you want to pay and we help you find coverage options and your budget and now. wait the lights are back on again three can you. and now it's completely dark. insurance company affiliates price and coverage match is limited by state law who wins news time five forty five now from the WFAN sports desk yours Mike McCann all rights on a two days into June and U. S. open upset last night about joker rich retired during a match that he was on his way to losing in this afternoon defending women's singles champion only Osaka was bound state hurt my knee in Cincinnati but I mean. thank you it's getting better I don't want to say that that's the reason that I lost because I obviously had played like three matches the for this so yeah I I just needed to take a pain killer her Swiss opponent Belinda Bencic won in straight sets seven five six four and vehicle shorts when within the past hour just surprise the number six men seed Alex aware of winning in four sets on holiday baseball Yankees down down to Texas Jose Trevino holder than the top of the fish to add to the Rangers leave their up to nothing in the top of the sixth inning Masahiro Tanaka opposed by the Rangers left hander Mike.

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