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I play with his father Atlanta, nineteen ninety six ninety seven ninety five one of those. His father. This kid has all his father's. Ability. He had better football football smarts off the charts. But is that an important position, though Lewis that that would be my my question, you know, what a great question the game things. Dan, the game as far as how people were attacking you on offense has become critical had great athletes smart athletes in the middle of the field at linebacker that say that's why roquan Smith drafted as high as he got by last year. That's why it's gotta go top shifts. That's like different Bush is going to go top ten some Michigan this year. You better be able to defend teams that can attack with tighter the middle of the field where you're not allowed to hit anybody for some great athletes who teams you up between the numbers right down the field. I down those down. How New England has made the best league. Look silly. They started doing it years ago with Gartner. Then does they still do it? Now. Now, they just change their flaws in a little bit has got older. They started sparring backs. That's birkhead James the guys who catch passes over and over again going. How's Chris doing? This has always been a house ahead of the curve. You better start catching up as far as getting athletes in the middle of the field. Middle linebacker, either not call with physicians anymore. They're just not don't have them. Stop anybody in the NFL. Maybe that's what the league one that kind of Hugh Hewitt that way as a as a team, they're not gonna stop anyone. That's why you're seeing more and more. Guys, play defense like that combat something hybrid Titus better have been like. Why did Clinton Nelson go with high tea did to the Annapolis last year? Well, more teams are looking for Fletcher. Cox Donald why. Because all the best quarterback says it me to tackle. If I ever because the tackle that sort of just absolutely just me right up the cliff to play like Aaron Fletcher that could best rattling getting off of. Well, the only way you can bet that's causing Donald is quitting Nelson game. Then it's not just about. Well, I gotta have the corner in a left tackle at a pass rusher. That at that. I'm good find any old skiff officers, deployed gardens. It's not like that anymore. And that's why positional change there's more. And if you're not with that. He's not you're not going to be playing. And ultimately in the best teams are doing the Team New England's been doing is now. Yeah, I end a scout. Who told me last year that Nelson would he thought was the best player in the draft. And that's why when the took him I said, you know, what they got a guy that going to be there ten years. He's going to be an all pro. And he's he plays with an attitude, and you know, he's he's ready for the challenge. And he lived up to the hype is well, we're talking to Louis Riddick from ESPN only you with this Louis the potential top fifteen pick who makes you nervous. Oh boy. Probably say the one that makes me nervous, the boast Montesquieu from the state and not necessarily because obviously because you know, there there's some there's some concerned about, you know. His health from the heart condition. That's you know, that information is out there, you know. But Dr teams that will take the ball teams that won't be concerned about it that it's that it's a deal that he can play with and teams are not that concerned. Another say we won't want to invest. Doing past that though, despite the fact that he is absolute in phenomenon from that standpoint is Paul on as long as fast. The one for four. They're not supposed to do that. One of those watch dome is still doesn't always look like combine workouts workout at those guys. Always scared me. About somebody. You can go maybe in the top ten and who may have the health concern? That's a tricky one for me. That's one of the guys that in Ireland. Remember his name on Thursday night. Because I'm sure you'll if his name starts sliding insider will start getting Khris about is it the health concern is the concern that maybe has played as a match up with his measurable. So he's the one that was scared. Most great stuff. Lewis have fun in Nashville till the boys we set a low, and we appreciate your time. As always that's thanks a lot. That's Louis Riddick. ESPN NFL analyst. I think he likes to Wayne asking just a little bit there. It's a little bit of a warm take their for Louis Riddick. ESPN's coverage. Live from Nashville seven rounds. Thursday night, Trey wingo, Mel kiper and builder McFarland on the ESPN main set ESPN two the main sent Friday night and Saturday they have their coverage throughout the weekend as well. We'll take a break. More phone calls. We'll give you our best and worst. To the weekend coming up and the man who gave us the thought today the headline today what if the cardinals do pass on? Kyla Moore is their chance that they will pass on Cuyler Murray. We'll talk to Pete Prisco from CBS sports dot com. Also, Michael wilbon once he think of the new NBA this chippiness and should players speak after games. You saw Russell Westbrook. Now, Paul George next question next question will ask that question to Michael coming up next hour? We're back after this..

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