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And now back to the show next up. We're going WANNA get closer to home and talk to my little sister. Cheyenne longtime listeners will remember my sister Cheyenne from season one where she unabashedly declared that she didn't stress about spending money who is she shi'as grownup immensely since two thousand sixteen she now often watches my dog and how sits for me. She is increasingly mature and responsible in a way I never could have predicted when she was a popular high school girl and then a Florida state party aficionado there are shades of the Cheyenne you heard three years ago but she's grown up so so much and she's watched my relationship with money and our parents relationship with money transformed to I think you've changed a lot but I think thank you still have breakdowns about money that are unnecessary but that's just I think your personality in a sense which there was a fun one where you came over to do laundry and I was crying in my room about money and I was like I just need to cry in here and you're like okay so I just closed the door and cried in my room and you watch T._v.. In the living room you came home while I was doing the lawn. Oh yeah I I said I can and leave if you want and you're like it's fine. I'm just GONNA cry my room and I was like okay. I'll be out here if you need me and that was it and that was just went in your room and cry and I was like okay yeah and you were like <music>. What's it about and I was like it's about money good night? Close the door but yeah but I think that you have better tactics. Essentially he liked to get through like to have money but you sometimes just think okay I had to put all my money here right now and then you have no spending money <hes> and then you freak out because you have no spending money but you have money you just I feel like I don't know what your everyone's telling you you need to put here. You need to put it here. You need to put it here but you also need a to have be able to live <hes> so I feel like that's the only thing that I would be like okay. Focus on you know keeping some money for you to spend and but other than that I said I think you've done much better with money. You're not as cheap. You're not like I can't do this. You know you moved from one house to the other because it was less expense but that wanted to move to a less expensive place right because you didn't need it so things like that. I feel like you've learned a lot. Yeah I mean so has our relationship relationship changed since like. I've sort of been making more money. I think that yes and no no because I'm not like ever asking you for money but there are things that like when I moved to you paid me because you could yeah and I didn't ask you for money but you were like I wanna give you this money and so obviously I appreciate that take all the money. You were extremely helpful yeah but I'm saying that I think that's changed a little bit but I don't think it's changed like our relationship or things like that. I would still do these things for you if you you didn't pay me but obviously I will take money when it is given to me <hes> and what about like your journey like how has money changed for you since since two thousand sixteen <hes> well I lost my job so yeah that was rough and was I was had a little bit saved but not nearly early as much as I needed and it wasn't until I duNno. What was it November December? Last year I finally found for unemployment <hes> and that really changed everything for me because you know I wasn't asking mom and dad for money like that felt really terrible as as a twenty six twenty seven year old girl woman being like hey I lost my job. Can you guys pay my rent like this. I don't WanNa be acts like ridiculous to me. Obviously the I mean that's the situation for a lot of right but but I had been independent for awhile <hes> so the unemployment helped and then it's good because I think people feel shame about applying for unemployment when there shouldn't be I don't I mean if you are fired from a job when you can't find another job I spent six months looking for a job. I never thought it would end up being I was filing for unemployment but then I did and I felt so much better because I was looking for jobs that I wanted to be doing yeah. I wasn't like a hive to go back to the restaurant industry after go back to like no I have money and also look for writing jobs. which is what I wanted to be doing yeah so like am I better with this stuff now than I was when I started like Arthur things that I'm I'm doing that are very different? Now I mean you you will spend when you want to spend now. That's the difference I think before. If you wanted to buy something you'd be like Nope I gotta go get the really cheap version of whatever that was even we went to the to the shoe store with our brother and his wife Sister sister-in-law sister-in-law okay and you bought shoes and then you said will you just help me move and do all these things. Do you want us and you bought me shoes yeah and like I didn't I was like Oh. I don't know if you want. I'm not going to say no you know in the past. I would've never but you wouldn't even gone in that store yeah yeah so. I think that's changes. You're more comfortable with okay. If I spend a little bit right now that's not gonNa kill me yeah and I think even a year two years ago. You would not have done that well because I think I have a better idea of where my money is where like where learned yes three years while everyone else has learned listening to you also been learning. These are all new things to you as well yeah okay so you know that things have changed Schwerin like the power has shifted because I'm able to get us a airbnb instead of staying at the House. They hated that so can we talk about like them really being pissed off. When I can do what I want because I have money I okay I am indifferent on this because yes they were upset that we got the AIRBNB? I think they were more upset because we didn't really tell them but all I know deep down. They were upset because we weren't saying with them. Obviously what happened was for Thanksgiving. The houses crowded Shannon. I didn't want to stay in the house. We wanted to get an AIRBNB by the beach. I could afford it so I paid for us to get at Airbnb by at the beach and my parents were very upset flipped out flipped out. I think that they just don't like the idea that we can be like. We are want to hang out. We're GONNA go go do our own thing you know that that troubles them because they think were pulling away but for us. It's just like no we're just adults and we need our fucking space. Just don't need like fucking cat jumping me at like three in the morning or like aw okay. You don't like I love the cat no but yeah. I just think that they don't like thank. You can be like hey. I'm GonNa Take Cheyenne and we're GONNA go do this thing because they can't say no. It was a lot it was a huge fight and I was right in the middle of the to <unk> all of you guys so that really fun. It was a huge fight I mean I think that there's a loss of control where they can't tell us what to do anymore. Guess Yeah that makes sense because they can't tell me what to do because if I if I don't want I'm thirty one. If I don't want a book the ticket I won't book the ticket you know and I and I have I've talked about this a bit where it seems cruel but when they were upset one time where I came home and I stayed in a hotel and they were upset and I said well I will be in Florida from this day to this day day. If you WANNA see me. I'd be happy to see you. If you're too upset that I'm staying in a hotel I will have a lovely vacation and they lost it well. That's Kinda similar more to when I would go to trade shows in Miami and I and then I'm flying back like this day. Let's get like a dinner before I leave whatever they don't you stay longer. I'm like well. I have a job like I need to go home and like have my job so working in a restaurant at this time. I need to go home and do my job. You and I negotiate Thanksgiving where Dad's like so two weeks. You'll stay stay two weeks and we're like purposely. Burger show like four days before just I mean we didn't purposely but it happened. We both just show that we're going to see in L._A.. So that we have to go on Thanksgiving the day before yeah but like yeah I think like US making our own decisions rather than because when we didn't have money dad would buy the tickets home and you'll be like Gotcha. You're saying eight days right. You know what I mean and like now that we can just book stuff ourselves and now that like I can decide where where I wanna stay or I can decide if I wanna go or not. They they seem really shaken up by that he I think that they and I also think that they are worried that you are brainwashing me in a sense yes and that I've been I'm telling you things like no is a complete sentence and that we should have boundaries yeah and I obviously agree with you and understand it but I think that they are worried that that year like literally poisoning me against them and I'm like no. I still talk to them pretty often. I I'm more than you do and I'm like no guys I understand with Gabby saying and for certain things yes. There are boundaries there. Are you know I can say no to things but I'm still I still want to talk to. You guys like I'm not I'm not gonNA ditch. You be like peace out. Suckers like yeah ah they here's the thing here's the real thing I think that over the course of from two thousand sixteen to now the family narrative has become Gaby's bitch. Thank you for taking that Title I know how does that happen. 'cause it used to be you got money. I was just a bitch yeah but now I think that there's become this air in the family of because I have money now in do what I can make my own choices that they're like that I get the sense that they're like. Gabby is a bitch. I think it's more like no one is used to you being able to do that so it's like everyone has to get used to it and that's why it's coming off a strange because you've never had that power to be like no. I don't want to like you know you've never been able to have the money to be like no. I'm doing this so I said no or did what I wanted for like. I would say twenty eight years yeah. I know so I'm saying that's something everyone is getting used to now. When I was twenty five guys I was twenty five before I had my own bank account and I didn't realize that was weird until an ex-boyfriend pointed out to me and when I got my own bank.

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