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Flashing airborne fly over easter island pursuing corp saying that is transporting a kidnapped wine woman who is later revealed to be an out of body traveler meanwhile duke and lady jaye observant. Esp test involving. Airborne's brother tommy. Who is revealed to be. Tele kinetic cobra catches tommy. You're in the test holding off the joes with a man who can create fire with his mind. Joe's give chase but her shotgun over washington. Dc flash are captured on the island or cobras using the powers of captured silence against their will cordy parsa island lean flash at airborne defend off the island's famous statues which have been brought to life using tommy's amplified powers. Duke and lady jaye arrived at the island in time to rescue flashing airborne emit where they and several other jobs. Assault cobra has secondary mountain base. They freely on garden. The base outside by removing their slave crowns coburn asleep grounds but are caught by interior defenses. Produced by tommy airborne makes tommy shielded post and uses an old model helicopter. He had made as a child. Disturb family sentiment that overrides the slave crown cobras leaders escape but the joe's rescues on celebrate with hot dogs on the national mall. So let's go ahead and get some thoughts on this Let's start with. Jared this time jared paper. I came prepared. Usually it is not not as much on this one but you can start my timer anyway so it starts off. I i note says being kidnapped and tied to the side of a helicopter. That is a rough day. Did not look comfortable next week. Go into the scene with tommy. Tommy jumped a few levels there from not being able to predict cards at all. Moving things all around the room you went from level one level ten click never next not quite fond of the scientists. Put up zero. When tommy was kidnapped. They're like hey you get out of here but then i had to go back abbott at dinner. That note storm shadow shows up at one. Kicks the table so their total effort to stop that kidnapping quite was kicking the table at storm shadow. I've made a note. That says i want an old dude fire-starter figure you know the old guy that could control fire want that figure big fan of detro- contribution to that whole kidnap plot. Because if you remember he was. The team lead on that he did nothing but sit in the aircraft and say quickly. I grow impatient so way to go stroke. I got here. Oh i got to give it to co. They managed to squeeze in an entire training base at a major tourist destination. So that was good was clever. I i also want a mind controlled. Tommy figure is is all green and stuff like that made that want control. Tommy what else are you here. We can defeat Living statues and exploding island at the same time. It's very gi joe thing to do. This is my biggest one that i want to come back to. I wrote wait. Where did dookie lady jaye more skyhawks. They crash their skyhawks. And then they show up to save them in skyhawks. I don't know all right And then i waited a long time before. I finally made this okay. I'm finally going right now. Not a hawaiian say on. It girl is pretty hot and then he was like To savor all we gotta do is go toucher that was like oh this is gonna get weird Oh like this the old dude with the firepower he essentially straight up defeated himself because he was like throwing fire at a barbecue or just made us. So that would be filing airborne over time unit. And you you never knew he had to go back to. He had to go back to get it. I must have missed that part. He told duke. We gotta go pet before we go save him to go back to the must've been writing down the note that says the old dudes straight up defeated himself. Because i o but aired. You made a good point earlier to they're like we've got these like we're totally locked down here like all you do is just pull that off their poll that thing right off your head those those bands even though they worked yet but they're still they got a bunch of storage and they're like well we gotta use them. You know plugging away anyway. That was my my list of notes. Thank you for entertainment as always and i'm going to make a quick comment real quick since we're talking about those bands and stuff. I know one some people. Complain about the Moving or restore for a second. The force awakens people. Complain that they use the big planet thing to try to destroy other planets much like the first two movies or not. I do but style new hope and return the things like this just shows that once someone gets an idea in their head. They're not gonna let it go look started thing almost works twice so we're gonna keep pounding on that thing where he's a destroy a plan. That's lamest all right. The empire scrap it with headbands from now. So pats take off your mind control headband. For a moment. And what do you think about this. What are your thoughts on this episode. I to have some on his. Jared yes small things. Small fancy little fancy That's fancy that's big fancies..

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