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It's. So he comes home. Finds his wife in the shower with another guy and in in their house in their married house. Yes, and the song that played at their wedding for their first dance is what is on the Stereo right? And he loses his freaking mind and goes off on this guy. Understand the guy. The. Guy Has the gall to look at him and say. I think you should leave. To somebody in his own house. And Bradley Cooper goes crazy on and I can't say I'm shocked I mean that's. That's some goal, so she's got some goal, so he takes her jewelry. Adam takes her jewelry. goes to the garage fines paint. That looks like PEPCO abysmal. Yeah I don't know what. Serious Pink. Yes, it's a serious pink. And just Joshua box the the pink room. It's the pinker that's that's what's in the house. Yeah, there's there's you know. He's got a string bass player. In this room. Pours the pain all over the jewelry and she's screaming at him trying to get him to stop so billy ray Cyrus comes out of the bedroom. Picks him up and pushes them out and says. That ain't no way to treat your wife man. I don't care what she's done. Larry. Is the best three minutes at this whole movie The deadpan expression. Most, it's the funniest three. It's whole movie I love the palate cleansing nature of the Billy Ray Cyrus appearance in this movie. Because, there's obviously some very dark stuff in this movie, but Billy Ray Cyrus, but Lynch. Lynch has as a way of like. Maybe he realizes that okay. This movie's getting even a little too dark for me. We need some comedy here. We need billy. Ray Cyrus his. Exactly, so so here's another. One of those where you're like he's. He's a perfect character. Because he has that. Reputation as being kind of a hillbilly. So it works for him here because it really works for. The bill, pool guy. He's the Hillbilly Pool Guy, but he's also. A lot bigger than Adam and a little bit more manly than Adam. So Shaina guns big time in this movie. Sons out outguns out and he's also very. I! Don't know what I want to say I. DON'T WANNA. Say Moral, but he definitely has. A code of conduct that I know your wife cheating on you, but you don't propane on her jewelry. Interesting. Interesting set of morality. Yeah, and so he's he was very recognizable. And I hate to say this because it sounds more elitist than I want it to okay. But. When it comes to David I. Don't think there were a lot of David Lynch fans who were big achey breaking heart fans. I think that's a safe assumption I would bet that a lot of people who were watching David Lynch movies when the whole line dancing craze came about, they were very dismissive of it and sort of looked down on it, so yeah, that's. Not exactly the same crowd really right. It's nice crowd any had that. You know noth- nothing against it, but definitely. It was a different the same way I think the Achey. Breaking Heart would have thought that they did. Lynch crowd was Weirdos exactly. So you know in in general like stereotypically in general because..

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