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And you hear. The question. Marks question marks. Is ken in holed up. Where you're fighting a guy and showing strictly whose whose volume guy. He's not just put you to exactly. He's a volume die. So you feel you can devise a plan where you could use your skill user experience to get this win so he has to be excited about this match up to against do whose name is now. A ringing won't be honest with you. When i saw the araya hall. Sean strickland trailer. I got excited my son. Who's who's in mixed martial arts as much as me. He was so excited about the espn plus. He said you know what i like. The strictly guy. He's talking about violence now. He gets another chance to show us that you know. The thing about rocco stricter fight it got offered to him earlier. He told me about it. I doesn't get me excited. I want something that's going to get the juices flowing for former champion. But then now a week after he beats a right hall. That fight gets announced. Because now sean strickland become more valuable sean. Strickland's name has a little bit more mental more momentum and not look rockall can see himself state across the outcome from listen and that's huge dc. But you know you have the promo code now so some reason you get all the so i'll let you give a little holler or low. Shot out to our friends. Our friends over at keeps now guys. Two out of three men will experience some form of hair loss by the time. They're thirty five degrees not really keeps article. Because i have no hair. That's why i had a simple stress free way to keep your hair with convenient. Virtual doctor consultants and medications delivered straight to your door.

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