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I'm no scenic today. Focus how simone. Biles changed gymnastics both on and off the mat. Tamani the news of simone biles withdraw from those events last week completely stunned the world of sport and beyond you were there in the arena. Watching her compete. What was your first reaction. It was quite an unprecedented in gymnastics. The olympics is the bulan endo. It's the big event that gymnastics floor every four years and so for bios to kind of withdraw from the team final immediately. it was quite it was just. It was shocking. It initially was in sutton if it was a physical issue and then soon after that a commentator from from nbc suggested that it was mental. And you know in the mid of the meet the usa gymnastics released a statement saying that she had a medical condition. And so there's so much going on your. You're trying to figure out what's happening with simone. You're watching the team final. Which is dead on voting and the three other gymnasts. Some of them went expecting to compete in some events and suddenly they had to start doing events they hadn't even wound up for it was in the second rotation so uneven bars. The gymnast jordan shall to who is

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