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Movie so that should be exciting as well and you saw those list that was circulating the top fifty rappers of all time Steve said only that he cares about is the Forbes list by the way all right Wendy Williams is on with sway in the morning and she talked about Kevin hunter and how she is actually wishing him well and wants to be is friends didn't there's no divorce papers to be ready to be signed yet okay so there's no divorce papers hello I I want a divorce like yesterday how I want to divorce like two months ago three months ago whenever I found out four months ago okay I want a divorce and I want to be friends with Kevin I mean and not because we have a son because that was real up I still love him and just not that way you know but I still have love for him and I wish him the best in his new life with his new family right as he goes on to say the rumors that she's going to be still working with her ex Kevin hunter she said this I did read that you would consider working with him again as a as a business manager is that true the only business that he can manage right now is to sign some divorce papers I have a manager get a job Kelvin all right that's a damn he's okay finding the place of employment alright all right did that gravy boat has sailed is that agreeable gravy train gonna be training gravy train is taken off tray whatever it is raining what I'm trying to you got the sauce I write what I mean is in the year and that is your room a report row right shelling yes even I don't do you know speaking of revenge let's talk about why seeking revenge is always not the best thing for after that I will talk about a young lady named brandy okay we'll get into that next keep it locked at the breakfast club on the breakfast club.

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