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Proud organization you remember when that Washington was was the cat's meow, the NFL and we saw the remember Doug William Super, Bowl, performance and mark rippin right. It was another quarterback for them and Joe thanks. Joe Ties Machine. Mas and Derek leading coach dogs. We all know about Washington and all the great team to. Remember Gel a ten year waiting list, Chris or something like that to get tickets to see Washington, and now you know that Stadium Fedex field a cover up seats. They can't sell out. They haven't made the playoffs. Then things they haven't made a pledge two years in a row in like twenty five years like. Can you believe that some streak like that would they haven't made two plus two years in a row in a quarter-century, which is just crazy, so I can't wipe fans. Don't like Daniel Snyder and his ownership since he took over the T. Now I do, too. But I look and ultimately I. Think from what we read. He was not personally involved in any of this. We talked about Mark Cuban who. Kept bringing back a guy who had been accused of domestic violence. Would you say? For their website, he paid L. something. Yeah, get him out of jail. Yeah, so mark was. A more hands on with the situation in his organization, then Snyder was at least from what we've read and Cuban. You know he was able to keep his team. You're be win on the jump on ESPN and cried and all that stuff. But he was able to keep his team and they've you know. Sue. Presumably changed the culture. They brought in woman as one of their top executives to clean it up, and that's what they're going to have to do in. Washington and big tough, you know I I don't think he will and liberties because of Joey Richardson Chris and Carolina. He was personally involved. Yup these. was he was Percy accused of harassment? Yeah, exactly and that's why he was forced to sell the team. They've taken a statue down at that stadium. All that Chris because he. Was the one that that the people were saying was involved, and did the things that made them uncomfortable or harass them, and that's why he was out like that in the NFL now even though we don't think that Schneider from what we read that his actions will lead him to have to sell the team. It really ultimately is up to the sponsors. And if the sponsors? Saying they will, but if they do want to. Get him out of there. You know if they just think I mean he. He was accused of making a lot of fun of mail. A Guy that was with organization who was a male cheerleader in college, so he he's Snyder at always mess with him and. So you know if sponsors WANNA pull out because of this well. He'll be gone yeah. WHO HAVE TO SELL? Out there saying if they read what we read, Chris, we know about environments, and yes, it's under his watch ultimately responsible, but if his name was mentioned in any of that, there would be no doubt in my mind. I think there's doubt. That, he's out. Now no question I totally agree with you. Rob Read this quote..

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