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Used to be a Brooklyn now. He's a Las Vegan. I don't care where he is. He is a friend of boxing. He's a friend of mine. He joins us on. Boxing illustrated on Radio Eddie First, and foremost you safe in this crazy crazy world of covid nineteen. The safe and everything is gone just saying my house. Everything is great. We're I mean? Have you been locked? Basically locked away like I have I believe today's number day number eighty five of my lockdown and when I tell you locked in I have a gym. No, my house and my wife and I have our groceries draw in, and I go outside at early in the morning late at night. Do some running workout my gym. I don't go out. What about you? Stay in my home and farm TV. I got a hundred inch screen in my own. And I've been front of the TV. An. That's all I do. Well. Let me. Ask You about this Eddie before we get into any boxing. And of course there is boxing next week and I know you become a top trainer and I. Do WanNa? Talk about your amazing boxing and that night where you gain the title, in Knoxville Tennessee, but you know in this crazy crazy crazy environment with with covid nineteen killing, so many in and putting so many out of work in just It's a it's a global pandemic on top of all of that. We had a a senseless, senseless racist based murderer. If you will a week ago and and Eddie I, just know this. If more people were like you and me and so many of our other boxing friends there would be none of this problem. In the world. Right. One hundred six. Hundred percent correct. So. In Vegas, we know that there have been some protest, but it's it hasn't been apparently like there. It's been in other places. Has It seemed rather a safe listen? There's nothing wrong with protesting. It's when the rioters start and you must. You must feel on both sides listen. I feel like protesting, but I'm not going out there, but then when the rioters start, and you come from a home, I mean your your father. Was I. believe it was in new. York City COP was. Right right right. Exactly. So you know when you see these rioters and you're watching on your one hundred inch screen. And you're watching it. Bigger than I'm watching on my fifty screen or whatever you gotta be shaking your head, saying what is going on what is with this crazy world today? You feel like that. Riders voters. And, the ones that giving. The. A! Peaceful protesters are back pay. They come from all over. And just starting no. Day just starting trouble. Yeah so hopefully we'll all be able to get through all of. And there will be a very peaceful. Ending to all of this and I. Just you know it's my dream to see everybody live in the friendship that you and I have had over the years, and and so many of us. You know people knock the boxing world. People who don't know it. To me. How could you be in such a brutal world and I'll say really a brutal world. You know my best friends are in boxing, and none of these guys are brutal. Eddie Mustafa Murari was the light heavyweight champ world. He was brutal in the ring outside of the ring. He is a family man. He's got kids. He's raised. He's proud of grandkids and everything and I, really hope that one day all of us not Eddie and Randy because we've been walking in friendship and like family for years, but every year on this planet. I was. Ready, you know. It's GonNa take a little time and understanding. That's all it takes. Well hopefully, you know you've got an incredible voice out there. Your former world champion I wouldn't I would just love to get you want over and over and over again to talk to people and let them hear you and and feel the love that you exude now Eddie let me get to your boxing career. Where in the ring? That's when you were. Just a what every fighter should be in the ring. You were devastating you at fifty nine fights. You had a record of fifty wins eight losses, one draw thirty nine big knockouts monstrous. Left Hook Abbadi puncher that basically guys just don't body punch anymore and it was on the night of March thirty first nineteen eighty. When there was a triple header on ABC, Television Sugar Ray, Leonard is fighting in over Maryland Larry. Holmes of fighting in Las Vegas Nevada and you were fighting in Knoxville Tennessee along with Awe Mike Weaver against heavyweight champion John Tait and my boss and ring magazine. Burke sugar asked me. which do you want to go to? Quite frankly I wanted to go to a mall. But only one of those chords had Eddie Mustafa Muhammad on it. Had you wanted and I had to be with my buddy from the Golden Gloves Eddie Mustafa Nice sat there so proud that night. When you absolutely put on a clinic. In taking the title from the outstanding tough champion Marvin Johnson. Your remembrances of that amazing night. Well my recollection of of that night. You know at current hard for Marin. Because when you find a guy like Marvin Johnson, bring your lunch. You're going to be there for a while. And that's what I've done my tiptop condition. Mentally and physically and I went to work. You know and I found out that I can live. My left took. Could've body. and. That's exactly what I did. And you did it over and over again and it was around the fifth round, and so every time you were landing that shot. ooh, how much of this can marvin take and Marvin only a couple of years ago when I ran into him at the International Boxing Hall of fame in Kenniston and new. York I asked him about his recollections of that fight..

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