Officer, Fiat Chrysler, President Trump discussed on Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes


McClay. Here's our top story valley law enforcement officer has been struck by a car two nights in a row in the latest incident. America county sheriff's deputy was struck by a car in Queen creek last night miracle county. Sheriff Paul Penzone tells KTAR Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes that the office would officer was very proactive when it came to traffic safety about us as drivers have to do the same. We as drivers don't do a good enough job to be a tentative and to be patient and to make sure that I was going through those scenes that we put the safety of everyone else. I the officer is recovering. A no impairment is suspected in this accident. This just indicates a our news President Trump says he's canceling his plan trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, due to the partial government shutdown. Federal workers rallying in Washington today to mandate an end to the partial government shutdown as many as eight hundred thousand federal employees have gone nearly three weeks without pay. This is the twentieth day into the shutdown the president refuses to approve a government spending Bill unless it includes five point seven billion dollars in wall funding, the car company, Fiat Chrysler is expected to pay more than five hundred eighty million dollars to federal government and California regulators due to an emission cheating scandal. The settlement comes as federal authorities allege one hundred and four thousand Jeep Grand Cherokee ram pickups made between two thousand fourteen and twenty sixteen recouped with diesel engines program to run pollution controls during lab tests, but would shut off during certain conditions on the road. Fiat Chrysler says it software met all legal requirements, and it did not intend to break the law as part of the settlement. It will not admit wrongdoing. Ryan burrow, ABC news. Now time for a check on traffic. Here's Dani Sullivan live from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center, Bob, I've got some good news on US sixty that earlier accident eastbound at greenfield. It's now cleared up. So that big delay does not exist anymore, but she's got a ramp. That's closed. And this is on I seventeen it's due to an accident. Southbound I seventeen the grant the street exit ramp it is blocked with an accident..

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