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Now if somebody answers through your system and get you get a yes or no answer out of them you know they're in there but if they don't answer does that mean they're not there to be honest we don't interpret negative responses if somebody doesn't respond we we basically treated as though we got no information and this is a very important reason for that you know patient could be deaf they could have not heard the instructions and if i ask somebody to imagine playing tennis and they don't hear that all they don't understand it maybe the pulse of the brain that are responsible for processing language of being damage and they don't respond oversee it doesn't mean that the gnawed away so we can only imagine i think you're how terrible it you know it must be to be in that situation particularly to be in that situation and to not be able to convey the fact that you are in that situation certainly for families and and for patients we find just being able to open that door to communication for them to know that the patient isn't completely lost but still has some not necessarily ole conscious knowedge of what's going on can be a tremendous relief throwing good luck in your work in thank you very much for your time again thanks for having me on bob dr adrian owen is a canada excellence research sharing cognitive neuroscience and imaging had the brain and mine institute at the university of western on terry out before we spoke with dr owen you heard briefly firm winifred rodriguez whose husband leonard has been in a vegetative state for the last eight years he was a subject in one of daughter owens experiments but so far dr on has not been able to establish communication with them nevertheless mrs rodriguez maintains great hopes for success in the future.

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