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It really varies from from prefect prefecture, but I think there's lots of nervousness and I can say that I have traveled a little bit in Japan and the last couple of weeks and I can certainly say that people are not about through to see anyone from Tokyo coming into rural areas at the moment. Even if you're masked up that that very concern Tokyo is, the numbers are much higher than anywhere else and the loss of concerned about people from Tokyo. Particularly traveling around the country, and what is it? Do you think that will reassure people that? There are calls for stronger testing measures and tracing measures to be carried out. Then both like I said that maybe one thing they do is they actually offer free tests? If not reassurance, people you know the to show that these tourists do not have a virus. I think it also shows that the pressure on Shinto be how difficult it will be opened the country up to. International travelers you know all the measurements really hard to persuade people to travel within Japan, so it is difficult, and and you know these number very public, and you know people will see the news today highest recorded numbers for Tokyo and they will be nervous. Wilson in Tokyo. Many thanks for joining us. You're listening to the globalist of me. Emma Nelson in a moment. We find out why the United States may suddenly become a bird's best friend, but I time seven, hundred, thousand nine here in London, a quick summary of some of the other world news headlines Today. Unemployment in Australia has hit its highest level in more than two decades seven point, four percent of the workforce that's around a million people were out of work last month. Meanwhile, Melbourne has reported a record daily number of cases of covid nineteen. The city has been in lockdown following a second wave of infection. Several high profile, US figures, including the former president, Barack Obama have been targeted by hackers on twitter, a tweet from Bill Gates account requested donations in Bitcoin in return for giving the donor double their money back to a said it was a coordinated attack and the senior us. Public Health expert, Dr Anthony Fauci. There's offered hope that America will have a corona virus vaccine by Christmas and new drug produced by MODERNA. INC has proven effective in early stage. Trials elsewhere doctor Gee. Who's offered leadership throughout the pandemic has called White House attempts to question his judgment bizarre. This is a globalist. Stay tuned..

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