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See everything by low on sound opinions Alan sparhawk. Mimi Parker Steve garrington on base and Eric Pollard sitting in over there on keyboards, usually the drummer in retribution gospel choir, a band that you guys have toured with. Yeah, yeah. It's the drummer in that band. So he mentioned before. Do you guys don't talk much about an interview, but you're both spiritual people. How does that play into your music? Well, I mean, the boring answer is that the same as anyone else. I mean, I think spirituality or religion sort of defines for each individual who they think they are and who everyone else is and why am I here? Why do I get up in the morning? To me, those are those are the core of why you make music as well. And so again, the boring answer is it just sort of is a natural thing, and I think everybody when they create draw upon their perception of who they are and what the world is and what another person is. But it always strikes me as kind of weird. You know, indie underground rock, which is supposed to be about no rules, no restrictions. No rules. But you know, if you dare to talk about Christianity or your beliefs, oh no, now you're Brandon. I mean, but seriously, you know, Pedro the Lion. Yeah. Great indie band. Definitely. He's pretty religious. Man, even Michael giraffe from the swans I've had really great intense intense situations. Very relation. That too. Spiritual relationship. Yeah. You know, I mean, most musicians are not spiritually agrees on. I don't want to call it that. But I think everybody has a sense of something more than themselves. And I think that's kind of yeah, you can't really play music without having a little bit of a humility for something something that's a little bigger than more beautiful than you think. One of the reasons I think that it doesn't come up a lot because I don't think you're really super overt about it. But there was the beautiful Christmas EP in 99, which

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