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To one life radio. This is Bernadette with junior junior and we are broadcasting live from Dallas Texas on Iheartmedia as well as KMT in southern California on ABC News Talk We. Have Jason Harris coming up at the half and we have Mary Holland continuing on with us if you're just now joining us mary. Holland serves as general counsel and vice. Chair of the Board Children's health defense she left the Faculty of The New York University School. Of Law where she served for seventeen years most recently directing its graduate lawyering program Mary. Received her masters of Arts and juris doctorate degrees from Columbia, university, and her undergraduate degree. From Harvard, she has worked in international public and private law, and you can find her at Children's health defense dot org. Today, we're talking about restoring children to to good health through the restore child health campaign at the Children's health defense. So tell us about the restore child health campaign Mary. Too So we you know we're dedicated to children's health, and so we started this campaign a few years ago to really explore some of the. Illnesses and conditions that are associated with vaccine. So we are looking at adhd and And sits and autism and. We think that education and acknowledgment is the first step, and then we're also involved in litigation to redress things, and then we seek to prevent it from happening again in the future a big a big place where this sort of started to go wrong that was in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six, Congress passed the nineteen ninety-six. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and what are the most important thing it did is it basically gave indemnification to the industry to the manufacturing of vaccine and also to the healthcare providers so they basically don't have any real concern. about what the downstream effects are, and if products can be mandated, an industry can have a role in that through giving campaign contributions and then there's no liability on the back end you know you're going to see an explosion of that revenue source and that's exactly what we've seen since nineteen eighty six. So we can trace this back very specifically explosion and childhood disabilities. It's a fourfold increase in the chronic conditions and in vaccines, and it's a correlation not causation but obviously, it's something that absolutely needs to be looked at because you point out. This is our future. This is the country's future. Well, there's no other industry in the world that gets that. Gets that. Ability and you're like what? It's like, what are we doing? I think people still don't really know that Bernadette and I think it's very important that we let people know that you know this is the only world where the product is mandated. It's made by a private corporation and neither the corporation nor the healthcare practitioner have any liability. The people who pay and it's rare is the government compensation program that nobody knows about and we can have a separate conversation about the compensation program and with even more distressing is that when if Cova D- vaccines are mandated in schools or even children's start getting them soon, they're going to have to go to an even more restrictive compensation program. Than One under the nineteen, eighty, six act and what we've recently learned from a Freedom of Information Act request is that only eight percent of the petitions for recovery were fulfilled. So people have to be aware that when they take a vaccine, they are taking a risk they're taking a risk, and if something goes wrong, the risk is really going to be there. There's nobody that's GonNa you know you're disabled if you can't go to work if you're paralyzed if you need to completely Redo your home, you're not going to be able to look to the manufacturer or the government for support. It's very scary and very, very, very reminiscent of Nazi. Germany like seriously. I don't know if you know there's I I have a dear friend who has a young child was in a concentration camp and she survived thankfully, but she recently gave a lecture. On the National Vaccine Information website and also Stanford Health Freedom about how we're living through right now reminds of Nazi Germany and she's speaking from personal experience. It's fear and propaganda that laid the groundwork for what happened in Nazi Germany and look at what we're living through. We're living through this propaganda barrage about Kobe and people are petrified for their lives right masks distancing you can't work non essential workers. We are living through this unbelievable propaganda fear exercise and somehow P there's no exit game except for compulsory vaccination at this point but there are so many viruses on the earth you know married there's there's millions and millions of them. I believe it's more than are stars up in the sky. So how can we possibly vaccinated ourselves against all of I couldn't agree with You more I'm just telling you what the propaganda I'm pointing out that in this propaganda narrative very explicitly the only endgame is vaccination vaccination isn't really an end in itself. It's really about social control. So I was just watching a video and Australia they're already talking about coming out with their quote unquote biosecurity passports you you won't be able to get on a plane you won't be able to travel unless you can present your bio security passport that talks about your vaccination status or your you know maybe you recovered but this is happening in real time. This is this is the lever that nation is the global lever for. A new kind of social control, it's like printing money and no liability. Exactly. Exactly. Right. How okay. So are you seeing more government entities taking notice or looking into vaccine injuries and a few years ago? No absolutely not to say, absolutely, not I think we're still facing a complete kind of wall denial. What I think is changed though Bernadette is because we now see this gold rush for making covert vaccines and there's global attention on them. What we're seeing is that these trials are having serious problems. People are having serious medical issues. So the the three of the the primary ones that are now in phase three trials five. Or Madonna and AstraZeneca they have all had to pause or stop because of injuries. So one was called you know multiple sclerosis one was called transfer later another one they haven't told us what went wrong but I think people are now becoming much more aware not the government agencies they're not saying this they're saying, Oh, this is normal and there's there's no problem but people are starting to say Oh wow you know they chose the healthiest people possible to go on these clinical trials and people are getting permanently or very seriously injured. I'm not sure I want to be in the first row of people to get these vaccines. And we're seeing the percentages of people who say, Oh, I WANNA get.

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