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Get Orders at 80. Ford is 56 degrees in El Mirage. Arizona votes the Arizona Republican Party's lawsuit over the election counties over Maricopa County Judge John Hannah dismissed the case over recounting votes by precinct rather than vote center. He also denied a request to issue an injunction to keep election results from being certified. In addition, he ruled the secretary of state's office can file a motion to get the Arizona GOP to pay its legal fees related to the case. There's still one pending elections case in Maricopa County. It alleges problems with the tabulation machines. There's a hearing scheduled at 9 A.m. Miracle the county plans to can this election results this afternoon. Deborah Dale, Katya our news Secretary of State Katie Hobbs isn't surprised by the threats of violence. She's getting from those who question the validity of our elections, and she isn't surprised Protesters have been showing up outside of Phoenix home. Unfortunately, it has escalated to a level that is affecting not just me but my family. And that's a little scary and more than a little frustrating to shut down the messaging functions on its social media platforms because they were being deluged with ugly comments and messages. She has law enforcement is monitoring the situation. Meanwhile, at the White House, the Trump administration is facing allegations of impropriety amid claims that election officials in Michigan backtracked on confirming election results after they were directly contacted by President Trump to of Michigan's top lawmakers are set to meet with the president at the White House today, raising new concerns that they may step in and choose electors that will vote for Trump. Despite Biden's 150,000 vote lead in the state. That's a B C's Elizabeth Schultz. Apple owes Arizona a lot of money for slowing down old phones, Arizona and more than 30. Other states will share $113 million from the settlement. The lawsuit accused ample of throttling its iPhones deliberately slowing them to speed up sales of new ones. So when you get a group of state ages together, both Democrats and Republicans, it sends a really strong message. It helps increase our capacity in our abilities take on these big tech companies. There was an attorney general Mark Burnett. Bitch says Apple must now post Maurin formacion online about performance and battery health. The $5 million coming to our state will pay for enforcement of consumer protection laws. Santa they just slip a sable under the tree of the pandemic is changing the way we shop and travel for the holidays. Trey Barge, a lifestyle expert, expects more of us will be shopping for gifts online. And travel will look different to supply chain issues and shipping delays..

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