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It's not true. You're not changing in any way. You're just getting more of them out. So there is the battle going back and forth about fatso. We haven't done fat in years. It's only bone marrow. And the duration of this particular procedure is generally how effective is it For? How long? Well, that varies. I mean, how much damage does a person have? So the one thing that nobody can tell you is within your heart, lung liver, kidney pancreas got anywhere joint How many cells do you have their damaged? Is it a million? Is it a billion is a trillion. There's no way to know that so typically when you're doing joints We have patients that most of them will respond within either a week or a couple of weeks and start to see less pain. They could walk a little further walk up and down stairs. So that's relatively consistent for starting to see the improvement. Some people in two or three months or doing great other people could take six months or eight months, Tio Have that joint repaired so much so that they can do all their daily activities and ride their bike, etcetera. For someone after a year. I'm sorry. Do you crumble after a year? We did not all the cells continue to do so with someone that's not an organ this damage like liver, kidney heart brain. It can take longer to get to that result. Where you say, Wow, I've had, you know 70 80 90% improvement as you might expect. You're talking about trillions of cells. Your body has 100. Trillion Each organ may have a trillion, so I can't guess is too who has this number of cell damage and who has that number of cell damage, But typically those cells divide. Divide divide continue to divide. That's very encouraging. Thank you. Sure, look at the videos on the Web site. Look at the articles of the website because you'll see a lot of good information is probably easier for you to scroll to the articles that I already have the website about stem because to look at Search engine names and titles. You know, autologous bone marrow stem cell therapy for M s bone marrow stem felt still therapy for M S S. M s stem cell therapy. Oh, autologous bone marrow stem cell therapy for a try Tous Parkinson's Lupus room, you know. Inside. I've done a lot of that for you already, so you can just scroll through them. And the videos. We're late, so Thank you for your card. Yes. Thank you So much for your call. Look forward to seeing you. The phone number to the office in Garden City is 5167940404. And the number here to call. 108 for eight W A B c 108 for 89222. And we're getting calls upon the air. As I've mentioned a while back. This may be new to some of you there listening. I started a stem cell foundation, too. Treat. Wounded veterans of all the armed forces. Army, Navy Air Force Marines, Coast Guard wounded police and wondered Fireman. So it's the Caliphate Family Stem Cell Foundation just Getting everything together working with Cem. Individuals in different areas of government. So I know this sort of thing takes a great deal of time to create. But we're you know, looking forward to be able to get this thing up and running to get it funded. Because I want to be able to raise funds to do those treatments on these wounded, you know, gentlemen and women For free, so I don't know how long it takes because I've never done anything specific to raising funds and money before. But we're working on it pretty diligently. I've got to give thanks to our good friend of mine, Robert On DH two Marcos because he and I have been working week to week. To try to get the word out, so we'll keep some updates. Going along as As time passes and wearable tto give you information about How we're doing with it, but a n'importe project. Once again phone lines are open. If you'd like to call him to ask a question you could do so now. 108 for eight w A B C one Hell of a fright 9 to 2 to let's go to Gordon, our friend Gordon. How are you? Yes. Yes, Doctor. Welcome to your new time. Yes, It's a nice new, comfy time slot, and I'm glad you were able to bounce back after that Tough Yankee more cup today. Yeah. I was telling my friends the other day and my nephew because we're you know, big Yankee fans, and at one point I said to my friends, I think I control the Yankees. Win or not, because if I watch They don't do Well, if I don't watch, then you know, standing hits a home run, You know, for five games in a row, everybody and I would miss some part of the game and I'd wake up the next day and they won. But it kills me that they could get 10 or 11 runs when they don't need it. But you need one run. You need one hit with, you know men on 1st and 2nd are loaded bases. They can't do it. It kills me. So it was weird throughout the whole season with no stands in the stands. Unbelievable. It's Yeah, it's just the craziest thing to watch. You know any of your favorite games or sports with no one there, and I'm sure the ballplayers are You know a little bit off about it, too, because you know they want to hear the cheering or the applause and that that electric sensation I've been in games were, Of course, the Yankees have won the electricity. There is outrageous. It's phenomenal is spectacular. You look so well next season. Uh, well, in my case, Excuse me. For many years, I've had a high post, right? That's probably due to a higher than average thyroid function. And I thought that over time my thyroid function would dropped a healthier level. Now you hyper thyroid is your thyroid very high. Not very high. I saw an endocrinologist many years ago. So many years ago there, I got most of what he said. But he didn't prescribe any medical treatment. You said that maybe it maybe it was borderline high. Hyperthyroidism at the time. You have a borderline shouldn't make your heart rate. That fast. How fast is your heart rate? We'll even the latest time was tested. Even resting. It was close to 90 minutes a little bit high. I mean, maybe a little behind in your magnesium, potassium. You know, red blood cell levels. Take a look at that calcium. You know, we always look at nutrients you know, far and hormones for appropriate. You know where I was wonder on glad you mentioned nutrients, but I was wondering if I had heard That the only way to reduce our world functions to a healthier level would be to destroy the grand altogether. No, I mean, you have to have a crazy Farid number. Or thyroid numbers. T three anti for maybe have crazy third antibodies, so no That wouldn't be done unless you're far was really out of control..

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