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From the bright moon now this year the best viewing conditions are expected across the central and south western U. S. cloud free conditions in the forecast during the peak for the Orion ads meanwhile this storm we're talking about this morning a large reaching storm going to bring a lot of cloud cover across the eastern U. S. on up into Ontario and Quebec making it very difficult wilds leading to poor conditions across the Pacific Northwest in the Canadian Rockies not meteor showers of course were passing through that field of debris yeah I left behind by a comet or an asteroid in much of the debris that they were talking very small ranging from the size of a grain of sand to maybe a small pebble but despite their small size they they glow brightly as they burn up entering the earth's atmosphere of this they say the rioted meteor showers actually the second shower of the year caused by Haley's comet the end up aqua ribs in may are also triggered by tiny particles from that famous comment about the a right handed so the more active of those two meteor showers so tonight tonight right think based on our forecast we'll have plenty of cloud cover probably won't see a thing Marty knuckle duster morning Mr numbers I won't do you no one died do you just crash grab a big tree by the rock also were from Arkansas and Oklahoma squall line manner now within the global would try and thought he had the bagel on drivers the idea is right before the forty five thousand pound the head in the black the end back at how may down hello there is the trough my and it gives a Molly chatted there man get they get their panties analog along with the chairman Thomas then you know about that but then why you know muggy out here he gonna eight don't hurt your little plug ins are over so you'd be a a you know a lot about the biggest promoters that day of debate Q. U. a fire at right and.

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