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Repair relationships with his family and to regain the trust of his viewers. State with WTO T for more on these developing stories in just minutes. Tuesday morning, July 19th where the time is one 18, good morning. All the aids and what it breaks over to rich hunter in the WTO P traffic center. All right, if you're traveling in Virginia, 66 eastbound as you had east tour 29 Centreville still getting by the work two lanes left, delays have been brave beyond that between 28 and the fairfax county Parkway single file right could you buy and then approaching the beltway to work some blocks a single left lane beyond that nothing else in your way through Rosalind and the Roosevelt bridge, westbound side the work begins after route 7 extends two and across the beltway now toward nutly street single left lane gets you by the work between the fairfax county Parkland route 28 you were down to a single ride lane and then west of 29 Centreville headed toward the rest area was also single far right getting you bothered work zone. Further west out in fall care county the bridge deck work just west of the exit for the plane's exit 31, that picked up and cleared. 95 southbound, you're only concerned as the work as you approach and pass the interchange for Quantico headed down toward monarch or one 46, single file left could bother works and again, no stoppages so far and then heads up if you're headed down towards center for a park where there was a track the trailer apparently with a flat spare and he's kind of creeping along along the right side trying to get off the roadway. Please be careful approaching so use cautionary as a result. 95 Nord found even though at the overhead signs are warning of a work zone, near Quantico, there's nothing in your way nor found 95 all the way up to the beltway in Springfield, all lanes are open, rich hundred of the utopia traffic. Storm D four tracking a heat wave, the first heat wave so far this year, it's coming rather late in the season, but it is coming for sure. We saw high temperature of 92 on our

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