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You have a favorite in the NC double A tournament, you paying attention to you. I'm pulling for Duke because I like I wish I think his name is ion Williamson here reminds me Miami. Lebron James doesn't he? Yeah. Tough guy controversy about the shoe kind of caught my attention. I forget what happened. He he just pivoted in the shoe just exploded. Yeah. The sole ripka me body of the ship. It was a Nike shoe. Yeah. And I heard their stock went down after that. Stock went down a little bit. They talked to him. And they've got a special shoes may just for help. Did he got hurt because the shoe broke? Yeah, he twisted. His niece. Who's out for us? Doc for a while. I think he's at longer than he needed to be trying to make sure it was really arrested. So he's playing now it looks like he's doing good Kirk. Here's what Sherry said about relief factor. My husband was researching on the internet of ways to ease my pain in both of my hips. And it was to the point where I couldn't even hardly walk in. I would cry in. I couldn't move. So he read about relief factor. And so he starts to give it a try. So we ordered it. And it took about I'd say five days of being on it. Oh my gosh. I don't even feel like I have any problems whatsoever. I think with all of my heart. This product is amazing. And I am so so thankful and Kirk unlike you she's have to be bribed. I had to bribe you to take relief factor had to use a magic f word free. And then Kirk said, okay, the Noto try it. And then you call me up and said, you know, I think this stuff is working used to have pain when I got up and down the stairs in the morning now. I no longer have that kind of pain. It was it was wonderful. It was a great experience. And I still use it. I love it. Relieffactor dot com. Relieffactor dot com. That's relieffactor dot com. Kirk asked me what the Yankees winning percentage. Wes. I'm a dodger fan. It's it's it's not quite fifty seven percent. But it's a point five six nine percent. Okay. And Kirk the exact number of active duty one million two hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred. This is not included course, eight hundred thousand reserve.

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