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By Abby. Saturday morning September 24th, it's the weekend, everybody. Three 28 in the morning on WTO fee. Good morning D and proffered with this in the WTO P traffic center. Below their dino we're getting some new information from Maryland. Maryland has been fairly quiet, but not so much right now. Inter loop of the capitol beltway, this could be climbing the hill from Connecticut avenue toward Georgia avenue the crash activity is over on the right side blocks a right lane. It is escaping our camera view because the normally westbound looking camera is looking east at the moment, luckily enough. So we had the crash activity on the inner loop as you climb the hill toward exit 31, again blocking a right lane. That really the biggest flight they were able to Maryland in the district, the crash investigation canal road lanes block in each direction between Arizona avenue, northwest and the chain bridge. I don't think you can get in on the chain bridge and the investigation continues in earnest there. Georgia avenue, northwest, both directions between Quincy avenue and New Hampshire avenue, lanes blocked through petworth for a police activity. 66, the long running work zone works on plural from Leesburg pike, exit 66 to suddenly road exit 47, getting by in a single file through much of this work zone, 66 express lanes are open for business and taking your money, make sure you have an easy pass or easy pass flex between 29 Centreville and 29 Gainesville. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. Your weekend looking great one day cooler one day warmer. Your Saturday is going to be the cool day, starting off on a very cool note. Temperatures in the 40s right now and we're going to see the temperatures warm into the upper 60s to low 70s during the afternoon. Plenty

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