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But when we got there like there was there workbooks you're in a room with a bunch of other couples than it did it feels sort of awkward but there's like champagne in chocolate of his great but will you learn about you know you learn about where are your own shame is around your body around talking about sex where did you learn about sex was it from school your church parents like all these things and so you really it's just this big introspective like what do i know about my own body and sex and all these things what do i what does that word what do i project like what do i put into it that is not accurate as though a lot of it was that a lot of it was like looking so when we were at this retreat i jokingly said to one of the facilitators that i didn't know how it's going to explain this experience to people once i got back home and his reply was absolutely perfect he just said and i quote you can't so don't even try just tell them to come to a retreat so that is exactly what i'm doing visit n w i l icom that just stands for northwest institute on intimacy and check out their upcoming retreats and even though set the night tried to tell mad about the experience that we had we failed miserably so i highly recommend that you check out the website learn more about tina in her awesome work and go to the dagomba retreat you will not regret it okay so i am literally 27 minutes and twenty seconds into this episode and i haven't even got to the education part so we've got a stop what their retreat and start with the education i'm thrown it back to tina so here we go what would you radio marital sex education be you get people right before they got married and say okay these five things are what you need to know oh gosh well i think.

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