Zander Insurance, Michael, Two Hundred Eighty Thousand Dollars discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


I want to talk about in less now i not like okay all right am i totally get iron yourself awry all right so i called and i got the time right and and i know my count mining how or another well it turned out i have to michael ferrying i like though so my question way because there are now if you're not going to be out wider and the other one out and and they're called on the omega income account no they're not causing overdraft fees on your account your over terrific i ask because you and keep money in your account right now on what i around the they did i get paid but i'll wondering if i could count of thirty thousand nine thirty thousand probably the whole life oh okay did you did you not is it still a whole lot policy i i here is higher small term policy unusually small so it may not be yeah i'll tell you what i would do is i i would get on the phone with zander insurance and or go their website and compare what you're paying for this two hundred eighty thousand dollars worth of insurance between two policies i think you're probably overpaying i'm guessing you bought this term policy for my whole life company and when you do you pay almost double which you can get it for in the open market so go to zander insurance dot com check your pricing you'll.

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