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Ventures so important for the mental stability of your seven year old that you don't bother to fence the men lock the doors or even keep an eye on him don't micro chips over nothing it was microchips days of free range birds Blackie we I realize use weights ironical it was a joke calling a big guy tiny exactly just like that okay the plan you make that music not beyond here's what happened this happened last week and I came and I actually score aided Ross for this so I noticed on Hulu they added the true grit remake which of course that wonderful little piano pieces from and I was excited because I had watched it in a while I don't own the movie and I'm gonna sit down to watch this and I try to start playing them and then they play that friggin music like eight times during the movie and every time the movie plays that music at the beginning after she negotiates the horses after anytime she talks about Daggett her lawyer after she died that has spoiler alert horse swim across the river they play that friggin music and the whole time I can't concentrate on it all I could think about is the horrible animal fleet hell hole Ross is running up in Wake Forest where anything with a pulse gets out of there as fast as possible and and and then he claims ownership of it and I got pissed and I turn the thing off yeah it's a good movie do massive fortunate you know so you've taken that and you for somehow rule you preemptively ruin something that I used to enjoy with your lies and your your editing of the CNN article here dammit if somebody's gonna added a CNN article twenty and lies is gonna leasing and then right okay you don't need to help them coming in by the way dead bird would have to fly first class of the freaking Concord to get back in time so that's your found out eight eight nine three four seven eight seven four five five billion award winning newsman Kyle Wilson for I don't I don't mean at their calendar the bus yeah I would probably change your story to reflect the truth to do which is a returning a little black your family tent Lincoln was so distraught no he's home he's too busy playing with his satanic teddy Ruxpin that's true but hold on thirty two finally we don't know what that is all explained that coming up as well but for now it is six fifty one we will pause from the incessant lying from the other studio and be back in a moment as the warm weather returns do as he does termites and other annoying pests take a stand this year with the five star pest control expert to crop Metcalf their pest control technicians have the training and techniques to stop the speedos termites or any other past that might be bugging.

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