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Breaking news weather and traffic twenty four hours a day team coverage starts now eight thirty so this just happened we have a red alert ed torrence what is the problem here at your this a major crash on state road four seventeen southbound near the turnpike all southbound through lanes are blocked traffic just squeezing by on the left shoulder causing some very heavy delays there take osceola parkway or five twenty as your alternates it is going to be sunny and seventy seven later this afternoon we have a high fire danger back into the eighties as we get into the weekend our top story this morning we're following breaking news is started from the left side of the bridge and it really shocked me because all of those people into the bridge they're on such a tough story this morning six people now six people are dead at least ten more are injured following a pedestrian bridge collapse on the campus of florida international university just horrible joe a thousand tons of concrete crushing eight cars this morning it's been called a recovery operation ntsb investigators flew into miami last night but it could still be days before they can begin their work determining what happened there is irie stillness for such an incredible mess miami dade police detective alvarez said the recovery work must be slow and careful that bridge whatever's left of it is very very unstable he said it's unknown what or who may be underneath all the concrete five bodies were recovered from the record so far a sixth victim died at the hospital all we can do is promise a very thorough investigation getting to the bottom of this and mourn those who we've lost florida international university president mark rosenberg called it a dark day aaron katersky abc news miami news ninety six five wbz b o where orlando turns first for breaking news weather and traffic channel nine meteorologist rusty mcranie we've got.

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