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What do you love to talk about now. It doesn't need to be your passion. I'm one of the few entrepreneurs out there that really sure if i've ever figured out what my passion it is although i really liked to teach topics in areas of expertise in i love to teach my students get in there and be your how to get the big results. So what lights you up. What could you talk about all day. Long wasn't important ingredient because when things get tough and sometimes they do when you create or six time effort band witch inch when it's a little bit ri- your member actually really liked teaching topics implied through and i'm gonna continue on so those are the four once again your skillset. It'll set know how your audience struggles winston desires the prophet essential and then ultimately what makes you i love that because is on our so our listeners our audience their health coaches fitness professionals nutritionist so anything about health wellness fitness. That likes likes them up but i know they have to dial in figure out what very one specific thing that is. We had a health coach where she was going. Through the same process in ended ended up she loved hacking poobah so he's the digestive wellness expert and it she you could just like she beams with the excitement and like bingo there. You can get to talk about coup ball yeah and it was like instantaneous. She filled oliver coaching spots is she dialed in on that. It was like no anyone game so that makes total sense when we've actually worked with many clients that have it. It feels almost like they're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. When it comes to course creation they're trying to honestly like forecast what the next thing is going getting to be instead of following these four quadrants that you described and it's almost backwards in i imagine that's why they feel like they're such a struggle in their worst <unk> process. Would you agree with that. Oh yeah that makes perfect sense. It's it's when you go about it in the way. That doesn't feel really truly you what your audience wants. There's there's going to be back disconnect. Mary obvious there's a difference between this isn't bidding versus a lot of work in there all day for a lot of work again. This isn't any <unk>. Look at those four quadrants for sure yeah. That's definitely <hes> the perfect. It is the sweet spot. It really really is so that's the the perfect lead into what will be talking about next because you are going to walk us through the five strategies to choose the perfect course topics so let's divan. We'll we'll take the strategies one at a time sharing what they are and how if you could tell everyone how they could put those into action. Does that sound good yet so strategy number. One is a days of no judgment inspiration. So can you tell us what that is and then had his action on that yeah so i often tell my students that i want you to spend. This is perfectly start. I think everybody should do this flat. You spend three days starting now until until three days where you grab literally a journal. I've got one right here and you grab your journal. I'm talking paper and pen. I feel like there's something magic about the metal school way of doing it and every time you have an idea that comes up for you jot it down good bad ugly no <unk> judgment any idea that pops up you write it down human the reason for this is actually have more ideas than you think you do and as you navigate through the day a and you get something done. It just comes natural to you. Write that down and as you think about what you've done in the past got to where you are related to the message out growth growth. Write it down everything big small in in between and the reason for this. Is you wanna live your senses with like. I got some things in the i know it's is there even if one of the i._b._m. <unk> seems so far ox right down so we're gonna use this list for some of the other strategies..

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