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The tri state. So, Marius, but I still see a light shower in the area are current temperature is 54 Degrees News, a service of progressive insurance. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, declaring today October 4th a day of prayer for President Trump and first lady Melania after they both tested positive for covered 19 today is also for all those who are suffering from and have been infected have been affected by the Corona virus. Ohio State Highway Patrol, saying a man was killed after a motorcycle accident in Brown County this after on Saturday afternoon. They say that 67 year old Gary Moore of Bland Chester was on us 68 around pleasant. Township travelling north when he tried to pass a farm tractor that was pulling into a driveway when he hit the back wheels of that tractor, causing his vehicle to crash. More, was pronounced dead at the scene, and the highly patrol says he was wearing a helmet. Ohio, reporting just over 1100 cover 19 cases on Saturday along with 20 new desk, Kentucky, its highest number ever in a single day during the pandemic, 1275 new cases reported Saturday. Eight more Kentucky and Stein Over 1200 in Kentucky have now died during the pandemic News radio 700 wlw Sport number 15 You see Beat South Florida 28 7 at Nippert Stadium Saturday afternoon, Jared Doakes rushing for over 100 yards and a touchdown, Desmond redder, throwing two touchdown passes and They're only for 143 yards, but he had three interceptions. 19 turnovers in this game altogether. Now three. You know the bear cats have a bye week and we ll take on Tulsa October 17th a big night for Tolson more on that in just a moment. Kentucky losing told miss in overtime after the Wildcats got the ball first scored a touchdown but failed to make the point. After Then the rebels got the ball scoring a touchdown made the P 81 8 42 41. Kentucky is now going to to start the year. Other top 25 scores. Top rate climbs The defeats Virginia 41 23, number two Alabama beats number 13, Texas A and M in Tuscaloosa, 52. 24 number three Florida over South Carolina 38 24 number four Georgia beating number seven operative, one of the marquee matchups this week 27 to 6. Over nine Texas upset by TCU 33 31 number 11 UCF was upset by tolls the 34 to 26 number 12, North Carolina Surviving Boston College on the road. 26 22. Arkansas upsets number 16 Mississippi State who upset Ellis you last week. 21 to 14. Number 17, Oklahoma State and easy Govind and Lawrence beating Kansas 47 to 7 number 18. Oklahoma is upset again, this time by Iowa State of names 37 to 30, the Sooners. Now dropping too straight and likely out of the top 25. The new poll comes out number 20 Ellis You rebound from the Mississippi State lost with a 41 7 win at Vanderbilt number. 21. Tennessee beats Missouri 35 12 in Knoxville, North Carolina State with 23 seconds left, scoring a touchdown to defeat number 24 Pittsburgh 30 29 another upset in the American as S Mufc. It's 25th, ranked Memphis 30 27. Pepsi Cincinnati, falling to Minnesota FC on the road Saturday night by a score of to nil. The Bangles will be hosting 6000 fans for their game this afternoon against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Kickoff is at one o'clock here on his radio 700 wlw, You're home of the best Bangles coverage. Our next update is a 3 30. I'm Sean Gallagher News radio 700.

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