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Starts rolling downhill. It's hard to stop especially when he gives you an extra push. In my opinion, that ship has sailed the team is never gonna win a title paid had long enough and the window is closed. Don't tell me that's to be some tiptoe through the tulips d is gonna get absolutely vilified, and they are going to abuse him. He's obligated enemy number one. Down. This is ferrall on the bench. Eight five five two one two four two two seven is the number to get on the bench. I've been like in my own world in here tonight trying to deal with all kinds of crisis. I have I have just one problem after the next with. Matadi with the driver's licenses and passports, my God, am I screwed. My family is going to turn on me. Forever. It's my own fault. All of it. I'm so lazy. So when I moved into my new house a couple of years ago. I never got. I never got my license James. That's a problem. Avi is laughing at me. I never did it. I'm like, what's the difference? Right. Because you just moved this year six months ago, two years almost two years ago. I never did it. I don't want to go to the DMV. How's that? Know what I mean? They sent me the last one, right? I figured they'd just keep sending it over like online or through the mail. I don't know. Can you do that? You probably could if you didn't if you had the time to do it. But now you need to like today. So no, you can't what? Now, I gotta go to the DMV and stand in line probably. What a disaster. I mean, honestly, I got nothing. But disaster in my chaos. I don't think he can do that either. There's no way they let you just send that in. And then they'll send you a new one. There's no way. Yet that proof of all that stuff. You can do it online in person or through the mail. But if you need it today, you can't do the other two you got to do in a person. Really? Yeah. What do you need to do it in person? What proved DNA aid dress? And what is that like bills and stuff? Yeah. I hate. I honestly I hate the state of New Jersey that have I established that yet. I can't even look and my glasses. They're so they're so dirty, and I've just been rubbing gleaning for twenty five minutes, and they just refuse to be clean as I'm having the words night ever. Now. I gotta go to the DMV that only takes all day. And then I gotta do passwords. Are you kidding me? I'm gonna kill myself and the expert passwords, by the way is like four hundred dollars, mafia. And I'm guessing it's for each one. No, one hundred eighty pop really like four hundred total. The way more than I pay for it. But you kind of pinch right? You could do it like for like sixty bucks a pop, but you gotta go to this office in the city here. And then. And even then it takes three weeks. It says. Not for that one this one. If you go in the city, they'll give it to you same day. It's got to be like within two weeks union travel gear even not even in that window. No, you're not. That's unbelievable. Jeremy in Pittsburgh on the fan. Hey, man. I love the show. Thanks did. Hey, just want to know where that car salesman was down there in New Orleans. Dan, I'm call against Joe Hayden against the Steelers could've cost them that game. And and you know cost of saints home field advantage. So you mean, wait a minute who he blamed for that? I wanna know where that car salesman that put all this billboards. Yeah. What about anything about? Where was he when that phantom call against Joe Haden in the Steelers game? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Believe me, or you know, obviously the Steelers that game with the red late fumble. And then the Schuster fumble they asked to lose like every other game down the stretch state. You know Rothlisberger at the goal line in Denver and just it was one torturous failure after the next, and, you know, Crimea river, do you know, I mean there's been literally every game of the year. The team that loses, you know, for the most part cries about some caller to that cost them the game. So it's always the refs fault. Nobody likes mentioning because they get fined, but I think the rafts in the Sunday title games deserve to be abused without fines being met it out. I think that I think that they were terrible. But I think the games themselves were so fantastic that sometimes you have to in my view you have to. Excel in spite of the rafts and other words, like even when I play basketball. I have a tremendous problem with the rafts. I am a constant technical waiting to happen. I'm like Draymond green. I get tacked up just about every game or every other game. When I open my mouth. I think one of the reasons I get technique is because when I raise my voice, it's so intimidating and loud and bounces off walls, and it just shuts everyone and stops dead in their tracks. When I start yelling. So I get tacked up more than anyone my point is I think that you have to. Win the game in spite of the wraps bad call. So I can get tacked up in a game. We still were down eight with nine minutes to go. I had been tacked up, and we found a way to win by eight or something like this because we locked down defensively and got it done and one in spite of the rest. So I think what the saints should have done is get the ball and overtime and win the game in spite of the bad wrath. Call instead of blaming the rap which is easy to do too easy. And then spending a week trying to sue everyone put up billboards and start petitions and everything else all of which will be few tile, right? It's not literally it's not changing anything. You can. I hope they get fifty million signatures. You know, they're going to do with that blow their noses with it. That's what they're going to do with it. Do you seriously on the face of the earth? Thank for one minute. Even God can't switch the outcome of that game. Like could they go to God? Is there an expedited God service for four hundred dollars? You can go to and get the game changed like the bass part problem. I'm adding. Validity written? Apparently there is. Listen. In the name of the father the son and the holy goals..

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