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Number two of the NFL draft in Nashville the colts with three selections in the second round number thirty four overall the colts, go defense, they pick rock. Yes, sin. He's a cornerback from temple Vinet number forty six overall the colts trade with the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland get number forty six colts go down three spots to number forty nine. Plus they gonna fifth round pick for later this weekend. So at number forty nine the colts draft an outside linebacker from TCU. Ben Bana goo. So the first two picks of the night colts. Go defense defense then with the fifty ninth overall pick they go offense as they go with Peres Campbell, the fastest wide receiver. The combine this year a wide receiver and put returner from Ohio State later on tonight. The colts will have the eighty ninth overall pick in round number three of the NFL draft. But switch to baseball. Minor league action out in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Indianapolis Indians down to their final three outs at the play as they trail the Charlotte knights ten to seven Charlotte. Escort six unanswered runs in this game. And the south bend cubs. Have blown it open. They now lead the Fort Wayne Tim kept seven to one as they head to the eighth inning major league action. The Tigers lead the White Sox nine to two in a tap of the v the reds lead. The cardinals four nothing in the bottom of the six as a swore as Jesse Winker, and Joey Votto each have a home run. And in the bottom of the first the cubs already trail the Amazon Diamondbacks three to nothing would network. Indiana sports. I'm rob connett. Welcome back. The voice of the Indianapolis Colts met Taylor rejoins.

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