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For having me guys all right guys so this show. We play Chris from the audience. And this question's very timely. It's from Nathan and Christian is about berkshire-hathaway high presidents take. My question is about Berkshire Hathaway in stock. It owns in his portfolio. Berkshire already owns a specific stock in its portfolio. How do you think about considering a by more than individually taking into account the fact that you already have some exposure to the stock through charts for Photo Nathan thing? That's a great question. I don't think that there are any issues. But you getting a bit more exposure to any of the stocks in buffets portfolio. Because when you do the math you have very little exposure to almost all stocks in his portfolio. Keep in mind. The Buffett's stock portfolio is less than half of the value of books. How the win the first place? They have a lot of operating companies to none even apple. You have two months exposure to now is the biggest position in Berkshire hathaway portfolio which is more than ten percent of the market cap off Berkshire hathaway in the first place and is almost a third of the entire public trade portfolio. But even so consider if you have ten percent Berkshire and then ten percent of that are made up of apple she s you still only have one percent exposure in your portfolio to apple. Now Bill is a little more. It might be closer to one point. Five one point seven in this example if you have ten percent in Berkshire hathaway but any case. It is very little. So even for buffets portfolio that is very top heavy and just an example if you look away from the top ten holdings the eleventh biggest holding is just a bit more than one percent above its entire public trade portfolio. So it's really not significant. It's really my way of saying that you shouldn't think of Buffett's stock picks at all whenever you consider your own portfolio unless you only hold berkshire-hathaway in your portfolio or very close to only hold on that one stock but where do think that. You should pay attention. Is THAT BUFFET. Like all the money. Managers with more than one hundred million dollars on the mennesman has to disclose with surprise the buy stocks. And that may give you good indication of with stocks that are currently undervalued. You can find those prices and those picks at guerrillas for free and we even have a resource Academy where can check out of its picks together with all the super invest us like spear Mona's pop rai and take a closer look at their portfolio. We'll make sure to linked both of those resources in the show notes and then four times a year. The stock picks become available. It's February fifteen may fifteen August fifteen and November fifteen. That doesn't mean that I'll do the same thing as they do but I do. Use Office picks and other supermassive specs ask inspiration and perhaps put a few on them on mental. What's List for further investigation? So Nathan great question. But I really can't add much value beyond Stig's response because I pretty much agree with exactly what he said. So with that Nathan for asking such a great question we're going to give you free access to our intrinsic value course for anyone wanting the checkout the course go to t I P intrinsic value dot com that's T- IP INTRINSIC VALUE DOT com. The course also comes with access to our T. I. P. Finance tool which helps you find and filter. Undervalued stock picks if anyone else wants to get a question played on the show go to ask the investors DOT com. And you can record your question there. If it gets played on the show you get a bunch of free invaluable stuff. All right guys knows all the press down. I had for this week's episode of the PODCAST. We see till again next week. Thank you for listening to ti to access our show notes causes or forums go to the investors. Podcast don't come. This show is for entertainment purposes only before making any decisions. Consult a professional. This show is copyrighted by the investors. Podcast NETWORK. Written permission must be granted before syndication forecasting..

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