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But you know you're out in the open it's open air. You just don't want everybody in their mother just like picking up a baby and shake in it and be like kissing like the old. The old italian grandmothers used to do to us. It was gross. Then and now it could have a permanent impacts In this day and age with all the the kovic shenanigans although there's arguments as to how much kids can be affected but Yeah i'm curious to see what the fall brings. I feel like fall. I'm in connecticut. And i feel like you're gonna wanna go to your apple. Picking him and go sit at your. You know your neat little restaurant where you get your pumpkins use ravioli and all that other junk and you have your your your fall brew your craft beer so we're gonna see if we're going to do that and it'll be a little bit older and I think fall will be the the tale of the tape. If my wife and i can can wake up in the month of september october november. Yeah you get that snowsuit ready to. That's one of the beautiful things about being. I'm in jersey here as well so I think that's awesome with the changing seasons so much fun into kids to be able to do stuff especially in the fall. Pumpkin picking and all that stuff so a lot of fun stuff coming your way soon here what i know. Obviously you got the gig right now at fox and friends. What kind of goals plans do you have for yourself in a future todd twenty. You mentioned that on. Dad podcast. Because i always wanted to be a network news anchor ever since i was doing those internships in colleges wherever the dream i used to go in the city from jersey. I take the take the take transit so Talking to a transit guy. I used to dream and i say someday i'm gonna be walking these these streets and now you know it's a little too scary to walk the streets but the sentiment is the same. I get to come in here and and anchor a network newscast in the heart of manhattan And that's my dream but you know going forward. The dream is provide for your kid. I have a a few plans as to how i want to do that. With regard to this career some sort of strategic decisions that i making but at the end of the day if this went away tomorrow. Okay i got the kid. And i the number one goal at that point whether i have to go back to law or dig ditches or do whatever i got provide for that kid and i'll do whatever it takes to do so because she is my life and my wife and i both say that there's There's nothing else everything everything. Everything else is secondary. Yeah very well said let lasting. I wanna hit you with here. I love to ask all the dads again on the podcast. your eight months now. Curious to hear your. What kind of advice do you have for that. New dad often that about to be father. Who's out there listening. Read all the books beforehand because you will not pick up one of those books when it happens. People told me that So i think it's some people said don't be the books it's a waste of time. I disagree with that. I would say. Read the books. Because i really feel like it's never going to recreate what you're ultimately going to experience but i think it set you up for some of the things you're gonna see literally see you know coming out of your baby But also figuratively and i. I really felt like i was happy that i read a lot of that stuff than i forced myself to. To stay up nights and enforce that before the birth You know really really to make sure that i got a good baseline. Do i remember all of it. I'm not consciously thinking when something happens. Oh that reminds me a page. Four hundred thirty seven. Obviously and that's that's not reality. But i'd like to think he gave me somewhat of a little head start so that when you see things you're more confident in your parental instinct kicking in. But you know so. I if i said i opened up the those books. They're firmly on the bookshelf. Ready to be referenced in time of an emergency. But i mean. Let's be honest if something's happening it's just a lot easier to call the pediatrician. Yeah hey listen very well said i love. I love the message. There's been a lot of fun for me. I gotta say todd pyro you are. I last father all the way. Thank you so much to give me a few minutes time here. First-class father thank you for having me. It's been awesome back to wrap things up here first fatherhood. I've got to give a special. Thank you once again to tie pyro. Forgive me a few minutes of his time here. That was so cool. Pleased me up on twitter guys with that. Dm on instagram. Louis thought about today's episode. I always loved feedback. I got another fox news. Dad joining me here next week. Jesse waters the co host of the five on fox news channel will be here. Make sure you follow me on instagram. At alex release role the other upcoming guests announcements. That's got you guys today. I'm elise thank you for listening to the first lady's fatherhood please remember guys. We are not as we have father's and we're not just fathers. We are first class fathers know..

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