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The ringer and now jonathan sharks word about jonathan isaac the first one break the magic erse roger sherman wrote a really funny piece about the movie set it up on netflix and the fact that lucy liu is a sports media empire co slash person and all the flaws in whatever they turned him with that when we have an oral history and stepbrothers which is also going to be the rewatch ables for this week check that out and who the next nfl's next legion of boom but danny kelly just a whole bunch of awesome stuff including a big feature by dave hill about a cockfighting ring raid that upended a small town that happened check it out the ring dot com coming up chuck close german i program chuck close to on the line it's been a couple of months a lot of things have happened workers have have carved into dominance i dunno chuck like saturn lebron has towle the world cup is happening and we're gonna talk about chappaquiddick later because we were both fascinated by chappaquiddick let's start with the warriors now people are saying this is bad for the nba to have a dominant team this sucks which your take well you know i heard it was a real great nba season like a lot of people did i think you know the as a kind of unschooled it was real interesting but it is strange how the end of the year was exactly what everyone's would happen in october that would be the warriors playing the cavs and the warriors i don't think it's bad for the league to you now i like when there's i like watching great basketball like watching great basketball teams i like having really good teams i would rather have dominant teams i think what sucked was probably probably that round two range it felt it just felt there was a lot of time between games there wasn't a lot of excitement and there just seem like for about seventeen eighteen days there the nba was that much fun but i the houston golden state series was really a compelling thought and celtics cavs was to and then we ended you know the finals was what it was it turned on the first game it won't mean the whole i thought the east playoffs good the hallway true the west playoffs i mean yeah i know what you're saying but i mean that can happen regardless of how the talented stupid i i don't know of people i mean it's something to talk about the they like is this good or is this bad i guess you know i think that the thing that disturbing people maybe a little bit i don't think they're cutting even know if they're conscious of this but i think that it's hard for people particularly in the united states to get used to professional sports league with the players run everything yeah i mean it's weird that this happens like this was not even fifteen can continues ago didn't seem possible and now you know it's the players have all this agency and the money is so massive that guy can take a lot less than they could potentially earn and it still like it has almost how do you even visually im imagine like how do you magin the difference between two hundred eight million in one hundred seventy nine million if you know it's like wh what you how do you look at those things and say oh well you know i can't give up you know twenty six million dollars or whatever but he can in this scenario it's like it it's almost an abstraction so you know when i heard cousins was going to the warriors as i i was like this getting weird now but it totally makes sense he's not gonna play for a long time isn't even necessarily going to be the best move for them like i could i can absolutely see scenario where he's healthy.

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