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Investors John Gary Kaltbaum your host a thanks for being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening it is well I just realized that it's Friday the thirteenth but today Friday the thirteenth turned out a lot better we'll have it all for you but in case you don't know I am Gary Kaltbaum Mrs investors registered a show about you and everything that affects you your money market viruses you name it we're going to cover today in just a few minutes first off let me state I hope you have a great day today I am hoping you have a great weekend we will talk about the weekend the coming weeks to calm markets the whole works but first my very special guest with investment dash models dot com I talk about it every day is my good friend my good buddy the wizard Jim Moore backing Jim thanks for joining us today Eric close my pleasure he Jim I'm gonna ask you point blank your market players based on your proprietary formulas I don't know what you want to talk about or state but will refuse it and where do you stand well are you sure this hopefully control my on February twenty fifth and then all hell broke out I'm sure you know and everyone knows the market we're still out of that market and I won't get in until Myrick strategy tells me it's time to get back in I don't know when that is and I won't make any predictions so so just to explain to the listeners you have a proprietary formula that plays itself out and you do not interject feelings or opinions or anybody on Wall Street in which when the numbers show up you ask is that correct that is correct and that all mathematical I've been doing it for forty five years when I developed it did it took me two years or longer I think seven years to come up with a mathematical formula that computer every day what the trend of the market is and it's all based on the numbers that are given out everyone.

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