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I don't think you caught yesterday's kind of funny games. There was an earthquake in Japan. They laid it out of respect to that. It is not them being like direct, and then you're looking at their lineup like this isn't worth a direct. Now, there was a tragedy over their natural disaster. There. They're going to do it after they settle all of that information. Funny as we're gearing up for the podcast and Jordan noise has a dock that we put all the news. And that morning was just like, so the dock has like Nintendo direct, Bulla, blah. And then it was like, just kidding. Never mind delaying it. But we don't know when it's not enough. Yeah, but I'm with Tim is I want animal crossing guard lowering Moro. That's also really good switch game. Get your fruits payer mortgage on the go. I mean, I think that you know, we the, the things we were hypothesizing is that the direct was going to be about the online service which is supposed to launch in the second half of the month. I think next week again, probably Monday, hey, we're in the direct three less time on this day. Then we go through the directing, get all that information. I'm sure they're ready for it. There. Sure had to be respectful, which stand in the Reichel Oland zero gets the final question of the week. Question Owen set wrote into kinda funny dot com. KF GDN and says extra trophy tit for Greg in the kind of funny best friends. Hey, Greg, and Belinda couldn't believe Musyoka Miller and many kind of funny. Best friends didn't know how to unmask hidden trophies on PlayStation four. Here's another must know tip for time, efficient, trophy lunatics, lash aficionado, you select the trophy you need help with with the options button. I'm sorry, you select the trophy. You need help with with the options button instead of x. and then you click on search the internet..

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