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I mean are you kidding me are you lebron needs to again this one young young person relatively thirty four years old he should check out the andy griffiths show i think we floyd the barber and andy griffith they talk in a barbershop that so again if we want to start talking about who's stealing stuff let's start with floyd the barber andy griffith this has been going on for decades in years lebron i think foolishly thinks like black people have a lock on barber shop talk as if white people don't go to barber shops and talk sports they do let me bring some news to him so this is silly to me and i couldn't believe the indignation that lebron expressed his godfather right yeah you love the godfather lover we'll lebron is moved into the mogul slash godfather stage and and he is demonstrating he is fighting for what is his and his land and his piece and somebody has encroach i trespassed on his p joking listen i'm not an attorney but if this was not lebron sabin it was a guy named larry and nick this is why you have attorneys this kind of stuff happens every day in america it's just not nick sabin and lebron fighting over it like if you had a barber shop in town and they both you know you had series this is why they have attorneys isn't it about time for lebron goes euro dark thirty like you go to the euro dark thirty time for the playoffs to start and you're worried about this and you made a good point that's a good reference but lebron i hope that those lawyers are still on speed dial because mtv is going to be coming for you next because in two thousand six there was a show called the shop about a barbershop and conversations that were going inside with chris brown and fabulous so it's actually done before with the same name and you didn't even try to switch it up like alabama did and because i'm from chicago i got my lawyers involved and they're looking at some copyright infringement because lebron you're trying to steal michael jordan's moves and you're not even doing it all geez.

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