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George Washington Parkway Grant to the inner loop. That crash is clear and all your travel lanes are open so you can take the North bound GW Parkway rant to the inner loop North bound 29 at the top of the ramp eastbound I 66 do with the crash blocking the right side to watch out for that stay single file left in order to get by. It's actually South bound on 1 23 ramp to south down. I 95 that crash be gone, But the delays is still south bound on I 95 as you leave Lord and headed across the Aqua Kwan and down 1 23 on the Fairfax County Parkway south down after side Stryker Road At last report, you were under police direction for that particular crash. No problems on the Beltway in Maryland, as you roll through Montgomery County on the outer Loop, and Prince George's County delays past 50 headed toward the bottom of Washington Parkway with nothing reported in your way If you're north gun on the BW Parkway, watch for often on the brakes as you make your way past 1 93 toward 1 97 31 across the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge looks pretty smooth. North down on three or one near Dyson Road and Brandy wine. We have a report of a crash. Otherwise I 95 understand may have a crashed north bound near 100, blocking at least one lane to use caution. If you're traveling in the area, taking you back to Virginia, where your north down on I 95 with heavy delays, leaving Spotsylvania in the Fredericksburg with your lanes reported to be available toward the rap and a river. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T.

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