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Thousand on the line. Ten four to one of the Derby Points Mile and a sixteenth on track field of six by BAFTA two of big favorites thousand words. Four five in the morning line. He's a perfect two for two broke his meeting waiting on six and a half then he was able to eke one out when the blinkers went on stretched out in the low south. futurity alternated on lead for the better part of that great to event and I was able to get the money He alternated on lead. What his stablemate high velocity was backing? Here he gets a big upset. Upgrades Rider Weiss Joel. Rosario talk about Baffin earlier. This week you'll hear from Bob had plenty to say about thousand words also plenty to say about high velocity. You know what after the interview. Bob I mean high velocity my top pick. I think African when the race one of them's GonNa win When you look at the rest of the field in coders trying dirt for the first? This time from the rail. He's a three time winner to minor stakes on the turf. John Sadler Mike. Smith's GONNA ride That's the one three. Tis A magician took him six starts starts to break his maiden he's got four second-place finishes among those six tries that serves those courses are never for me. Royal Act to over to Iran's Times both times on Turf you won his maiden that he ran into any logo behind and colder blinkers go on son of American Pharaoh. Eighteen have more success on turf in the desert. But he'll try the mean track and excuse me to six Zimba Warrior who was third in the sham. Third in the Bob Hope. Hope behind high-velocity in other words. He's a check getter but he's one for six four thirds in his career. So it's down the Bob Baffert to I'll take high velocity you. You should be on the lead. He gets the right up raid to Joel Rosario on Equality Road Dixie Union. I got an issue. You could argue. This probably has more top and bottom pedigree go along than thousand words. Does I would think that pomeroy might kick in eventually but really tough to separate the two. I'll just try. And get high velocity home getting back to Santa Anita where he wrote his meat and maybe that long stretch was better suited Loselle four thousand words than it was for high velocity. Maybe wire comes in time for high-velocity there the two I think of the three races will see this weekend end. This'll be this has the chance of being the most formal Because in that's more in part to the competition listen. I think it'd be really hard for me to make a case for any of the other than you had five a better case For a handful of the horses in the weather's two or three of the horses in the Holy Bull as opposed to him he are Bob Baffert should win another Bob Lewis. I think it'll be with high velocity of not it'll be one thousand words it goes racists the great three Robert B Lewis race number seven grade to San Marcos Mile. A QUARTER ON TURF. You can scratch the number six this campaign. The number six campaigns early Scratch Hill. Come out. He won't allow play so it leaves us with just a field of six at a tough time with this race United's in here united. It was a great second of my boy. Bricks and mortar horse of the year. Bricks and mortar by the way But you know what he came back into Hollywood Turf Cup. And even money's fifty one to one behind bricks in risk of turf. He came back a month later in the Hollywood Turf Cup U. N. same exact reason the neck literally literally ran the same. Exactly he's got the neck At even money he's not a trustworthy type. And you're GONNA see that line from the Breeders Cup turf and he's going to take money in perpetuity opportunity off of that line. I would think unless he goes really bad. But he's not the kind of horst it you would ever think going to go really bad so he's going to be the kind of course where I think you're you're GonNa get lucky when you catch him at the right time He's likely going to be a short price and I think going forward. He's Kinda worse in the back of your mind. You try I and say you know what I'm going to try and beat sourced with campaign coming out pick somebody WHO's probably gonna be even money again. He can win. And if I were to make a pick four aura. Pick five there tomorrow. I would certainly be using them but I didn't get beat. I'm GONNA try Oscar. The Ming doors beat him. Last time. you know. I wonder if Oscar the MINGAS might even be a touch better at the mile and a quarter distance races a fast. But maybe so you know. Last time I know he just got last night at the mile and a half. I sources useful Peter Miller had this claimed from him more from the house the other way around but Richard. Richard Baltimore has done a sensational job with this seven year. Old gelded son of Zaphon He had a fantastic year last year when a quarter of a million dollars in grinding it out a couple of wins wins from eight tries and I liked his race last time out when he beat United he'll need a little help towards areas and arrived for the first time. Soon will Joel Walkin do with some of these horses you can keep more closely. He has a knack for doing that. Channel maker comes to mind You turned the horse and channel maker. who was you know? One run closer into wars that was is a little more tactical Later on in his career after Joel got aboard from last year and a half essentially. So we'll see if he does that tomorrow. If you're worried about somebody somebody getting loose on them in here and I always worry about stuff like that. The rail run of the one chosen vessel. Craig Delancey Street and Van Dyke I. I don't know if this distance is going to suit him. He's one for one of the distance. He won the race at Santa. Anita I would think trading van Dyke has just GonNa put source on a lead tomorrow and you know if you worry about things like that like I do. I don't see anybody that can stay with him. I mean maybe Brown the storm the five. I don't think so though so Maybe he's your insurance policy chosen vessel. But I'll try Oscar the Ming again from the outside draw to get the money in the grade to San Marcos race. Number eight wraps it up the right to Sam squall mile and an eighth on the main track. Got An interesting bunch of horses in here As a nice size field you got a field of ten in here. We've seen a lot of horses have success. Going from Almost exclusive east coast campaigns and going out west The one that comes to mind the most is gift box gift boxes and ordinary horse. Course here on the East Coast. He went to California multiple grade. One winner I just think the competition's less out in California. I'm going to test that theory. With one of Steve's favorite even horses and this kind of an honor Steve Rabovsky not being here tonight. combatant blinkers go on combatant. First Time for John Sadler. Horrendous racing bought the source This is a purchase. Combatant is what he is. He wanted to other allowance race last time out. Optional claiming race combat and it's not a world beater. Hey you is not A. He's not the beast from the East But I do think he has a real chance at upsetting this Sam squall L.. Tomorrow and you know a lot of these sources have some some town and have some chances to thirty-five the other Baltic wooden are the ball source. Wouldn't surprise me. INSTAGRAM wouldn't surprise me Mid Courts my second choice. He wouldn't surprise me. I was wished I I didn't like the victim. Does our other source at all. Last time he he took advantage of native diver aggressive with them and instead of doing the same thing last time he ripped source back was not prepared at the start And gave terrible right so I you know I'm just waiting to see what kind of ride it gets. roadsters the interesting one. Because I don't know if if Bob Baffert confused by roadster I don't know if roadster runs when he feels like it I mean when he shows up he's good but there are days where he just he just doesn't run Joel Rhythm for the first time last time in the Malibu when he wasn't GonNa beat all Maha beach kind of feel like that was his best race I'll try roadster to topical combatant goes as Race Number Eight degree to San Pascual. All twelve races are in the books. It's time arm now for an IRA vets. Best Bet.

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