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With this Stu gods on ESPN radio. Listen to go can wingo now through may twenty second for your chance to win the wingo Cup show, no guy. Get a chance to whistling straights home of the twenty twenty Ryder Cup. The wingo Cup is presented by Dell. Small business. Go to ESPN radio dot com for complete rules, go, I should have made the bet would try if he doesn't wanna fourteen ten bucks day for four defeat. I go instead of trade, very revise that before we get the Pablo up in New York. With, with Mike Ryan, Mike Ryan is up in New York in the first eight studios, even as studio Stephen as office studio. What is this is the, the radio studio in seaports will Cain Jalen and Jacoby all emanate from this studio multiple studios duty, I, yes, I get the Pablo second Meena has a revelation about Pablo that she's gonna share. Yes. Yeah. That rejoin we just played ROY Don tarred people. Have told me before when I was younger that looked like George Clooney of serious. What I was younger Stu gods? You have a booger in your right? Nostril sodas cloning. These are show with Stu gods.

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